Problem with Fujitsu HDD MPG3307AT

  ricchi 22:31 20 Jun 2003

I bought this drive about 3 years back. It is 30gb drive which I have partitioned and have Windows 98 as my OS. About 2 weeks back the BIOS has stopped recognising the HDD. I get HDD Failure message. I have some data which I would like to recover from it and I checked on the net and found a company called Data Clinic which mentioned that most of MPG models had faults and stopped working suddenly.
I wonder if anyone else has come across this problem. I do not want to pay the high prices Data recovery companies are asking for. Is there any other way I can access this drive.

  Lú-tzé 22:47 20 Jun 2003

A year ago or so these forums were full of discussion about errors with the fujitsu drives - seems that yours lasted a year longer than most others.

I don't know how you may access the drive - it is not easy. Have you tried it as a slave to a new master?

  ricchi 22:54 20 Jun 2003

I have tried it as a slave but the BIOS does not recognise any drive when the faulty drive is connected.

  MichelleC 09:36 21 Jun 2003

There are cheaper alternatives for data recovery. This is a free one: click here

BTW I've got a 4/5 yr old Fujistu hd in a Time and it's still going strong.

  Sir Radfordin? 11:13 21 Jun 2003

The problem with these drives is normally the IDE controller on then. The best thing to do, is see if you can find someone else with the same drive and swap the IDE controller over. Its very simple - a few screws and a snap on ribbon cable.

Other things to try are leaving it for a day or so and then trying again...or putting it into the freezer (not for very long) and then try.

The drive itself will be fine its just the controlers that fail.

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