Problem Formating a hard drive

  chris05 08:22 24 Jun 2013

Mate of mine has a Sony Viao he tried to format using an original version of winodws 7 what he didn't know was that he could have pressed F10 and restored his system with the built in recovery tools, anyway basically it failed to install windows I now have the disk tried the F10 solution that failed as well, tried taking the harddrive out and putting it in a external case backed up recovery partition then tried formating the drive with every tool I could find now here is where it gets freaky I deleted all partition using diskpart so I was pretty much left with a naked harddrive which showed only as 1 drive in my computer (originally it had 3 partition system reserved volume - Recovery Volume - then the primary windows volume) I tried to format it at which point it recreated all 3 partition and now I have no access to the primary it just say access denied. Now at the stage I am thinking of turning the harddrvie into a rugby ball and see if I can convert it :-/ just seems it needs to be completely stripped out and all partition tables rebuilding but some how it's having none of it HELP PLEASE :-)

  Procrastinus 09:05 24 Jun 2013

Why don't you just start all over again? - once you have scored the winning conversion at Twickenham!! I would download Gparted, burn it to a CD, reformat to to a single NTFS partition and then reinstall a brand new copy of Win7. If you don't have an installation disk ,go to MS's site at Digital River, download your version, burn it to a DVD and install with your own CoA - Windows 7 Download

  chris05 17:16 24 Jun 2013

Used DISKPART and other dos tools booting up from Hirens boot cd (full of good apps)even used the DELETE PART OVERRIDE while in windows setup (shift F10)on the recovery partition of the harddrive it said it had deleted it then I removed the rest of the partitions, as soon as i try to recreate partitions and format it it fails and the harddrive goes back to the 3 original partitions never seen anything like it been at it all day even managed to mess up and had to format my own c drive (idiot but my bad at least I am a backup freak was up and running again in no time lol) apparently the drive has a EISA protection tell ya what I wish my windows drive was this resilient it would never matter if it crashed it would just fix itself (wishful thinking)anyway I am out of ideas just digging my heels in the grass now to make the drive a little perch before it gets launched :/

  lotvic 17:52 24 Jun 2013

Try making the recovery partition 'active' and then reboot, it should boot into the recovery.. (fingers crossed) it worked with XP so worth a try with W7

  lotvic 17:55 24 Jun 2013

Oh, wait a minute, aren't you supposed to hold down the Alt key when you press F10? Alt+F10

  chris05 20:11 24 Jun 2013

I can get into the recovery program but it fails to recover anything the built in harddrive recovery program found errors but failed to fix them really mental!!

  chris05 20:24 27 Jun 2013

Well may as well close this one gave my mate the laptop back told him to contact sony and if they say the HD is broke I will get him a new one and start from there cheers for the help fellas.

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