Problem with floopy drive

  suburban train 20:26 16 Jun 2005

HI All

Everytime windows xp pro loads up it always send my floopy drive scanning for a disk, should this happen?

How do i stop it.

  mattyc_92 20:28 16 Jun 2005

You mean it accesses the floppy drive a few seconds after the Welcome Screen is shown?? If so, I have this and so does many of my friends, so I think it is normal.

  VoG II 20:32 16 Jun 2005

May well be anti-virus scanning drive on boot-up.

Or floppy is set as the first boot device in the BIOS. To change this you need to enter the BIOS. This normally means pressing a key, or combination of keys, immediately after switch-on. A message to this effect usually flashes up on the screen when you switch on, such as "To enter setup press Del". Other common BIOS codes are listed at click here.

When the BIOS screen appears you will see a set of menu options. Look for one labelled Boot or Startup and select the item Boot Order, or First Boot; set this to HD0, HD1 or the serial number of your hard disk drive.

  suburban train 20:34 16 Jun 2005

Yep it does this but it didnt happen on Windows 2000 or Microsoft 98

  mattyc_92 21:11 16 Jun 2005

I know.... It may be as VoG™ says, just your anti-virus scanning drives... Or it could just be part of the o/s.

Either way, nothing to worry about.

  DieSse 21:45 16 Jun 2005

"it always send my floopy drive scanning for a disk"

What do you mean -

the light on the front of the floppy lights

the floppy does a seek

the floppy asks for a disk to be inserted


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