Problem with feed on inkjet

  aca 18:12 05 Mar 2007

I have a Canon IP 1500 which up until now working perfectly.

On paper feed it seems to be dragging in the paper unevenly with repeated paper jams.

I have tried different papers, used the roller cleaner utility and cannot seem to find anything else to try on the support website.

The printer is not under warranty so looking for a DIY solution any ideas gratefully accepted.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:19 05 Mar 2007

click here - there may be something to be found here.

  SANTOS7 18:36 05 Mar 2007

mine used to do similar, Where the paper sits on top of the loading support sheet there may be a slider that holds the paper together so it feeds into the printer correctly, if this is not the case the paper as its fed can turn slightly creating a paper jam.

  aca 18:47 05 Mar 2007

Diodorus Siculus
cant seem to find much on the site for this model although great site which is bookmarked for future reference

tried moving slider before and doesnt seem to make a difference

  SANTOS7 18:56 05 Mar 2007

Bit of housekeeping may be in order then aca, might have to take the cover off and see if the roller cleaner utility is actually doing it's job.
There also maybe paper still inside that is adding to the problem..
OR Whack it wiv a BIG Ammer!!!!

  aca 19:41 05 Mar 2007

how is the roller cleaner meant to work?

ammer is at the ready...

  SANTOS7 19:46 05 Mar 2007

I would imagine it is to make sure the surface is obviously clean, but, lets say it is not doing its job to one side of the roller, the paper is going to catch better on the clean side rather than the dirty
side "if that makes sence"

Will have a look around the "supprt pages" on website, see if there is anything there

  SANTOS7 19:54 05 Mar 2007

click here

Typed "paper jamming" into search function,

the link may help

  SANTOS7 20:01 05 Mar 2007

< Objective>

If the paper feed rollers become dirty, they may not be able to properly feed paper due to the feed roller's slippage.
If paper does not feed correctly, perform the following to clean the paper feed rollers.

< Procedure>

1. Confirm that the printer is powered on.

2. If paper is set, remove it.

3. Select the Paper Feed Roller of the Auto Sheet Feeder or Front Sheet Feeder by pressing the Paper Feed Switch on the printer.

4. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel button. Release the Resume/Cancel button after the Power lamp blinks three times.

(The Power lamp blinks and the paper feed roller starts cleaning itself by revolving.)

5. When the Power lamp lights in green, repeat step 4 several times.

(Please wait approx. 30 seconds for paper feed roller cleaning to complete.)

6. To confirm whether cleaning has been performed properly, set a blank sheet of plain paper (A4 size) in the auto sheet feeder or front sheet feeder.

7. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel button and release it when the Power lamp blinks three times

(The paper set in the printer is picked up and fed.)

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 several times.

  aca 21:12 05 Mar 2007

thanks Santos7

had look at link and the printer I have doesnt have those buttons or functions. Doesnt seem to much on the site for the model I have.

I will try the automated roller cleaner utility again.

If this doesnt work (didnt before) back to drawing board.

thanks again

  SANTOS7 21:19 05 Mar 2007

aca just to recap,

i would try the utility 6-7 times as it suggests.

i would still take cover off and physically look for possible damage and condition of roller.

i would also look for pieces of paper that still maybe in there.

Let us know how ya get on

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