Star Lord 00:57 06 Mar 2005

I’ve only had my pc since last October and a few weeks back it started to make a strange buzzing noise. After opening the PC i found out the noise was being generated from the FAN on the Graphics card. (Geforce 4 MX480). I have disconnected the FAN and now use the PC without the side panel on and a desktop FAN to keep the dam thing cool. What i would like to know is. Has the FAN started to die on me, and if so any ideas were i could buy a new one from. As i have tried a few retailer and looked on the net.

Also I have been advised that I can put a heat plate on the existing plate instead of the fan and it would do the same job in keeping my card cool since PC already has three Fans. One at the front, two on the side near the graphics card. The two on the said at the moment are disconnected as the side panel is off and the table Fan is running instead.

Please advise.

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  sil_ver 01:13 06 Mar 2005

Have a word with whomever you bought your PC from, you may be able to get the fan replaced under warranty. If not, try the Mfr they can sometimes be helpful

  TomJerry 01:14 06 Mar 2005

I maybe able to point you to right direction.

By the way, you maybe better off to get a better fanless grahics card

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  Totally-braindead 01:15 06 Mar 2005

First thing to mention is running with the side panel off may in fact make things worse. You disrupt the airflow which is meant to run across the components and can in fact cause things to get even hotter. Regarding the fan on the graphics card, if it came with the PC then I'd try to get it replaced under warranty. If not it would probably be easier just to get a new card, you can something similar to what you have for about the £30 mark and some come with a larger heatsink instead of a small heatsink and fan. Or you could take the opportunity to get something a bit better. The only place I personally have seen fans like this are at a computer fair however they can be a real pain to replace which is why I suggest the easiest solution is to get a new card. Try looking at your warranty first.

  Forum Editor 01:15 06 Mar 2005

will improve cooling inside the case but in fact the opposite is true. The case vents allow the onboard fans to draw air through the case and around the heat-generating components - and exhaust the warm air at the rear. Removing the case side impairs the efficiency of this system, and components can overheat. In your case I appreciate that you need to cool the card, but assuming the original fan was running it might be better to reconnect it - at least for the time being. The buzzing noise is often caused by the rotor touching something - the protective cage for instance - and it's worth taking the card out and having a good look. Otherwise you should contact your supplier - a card fan which fails that quickly will be replaceable under the terms of the sale of goods and services to consumers regulations. Get on to the supplier as quickly as possible, because a fault that develops within six months of the date of supply will be deemed to have existed at the point of sale - unless the supplier can demonstrate otherwise.

  Forum Editor 01:17 06 Mar 2005

that we're all singing from the same hymn sheet.

  TomJerry 01:27 06 Mar 2005

not nice

  Totally-braindead 01:45 06 Mar 2005

I beat the FE to the punch, thats a first, for me at least, mind you took me 5 minutes to type it and probably took him 30 seconds.

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