Problem With External Hardrive

  steviegee 08:55 15 Jan 2009

When my new external hard drive is plugged I have problems. I am using Vista and when I select my computer to view drive it stops responding. Also the pc wont start up or shutdown with the ex hard drive plugged in. I unplug and it starts and shutsdown ok. It doesnt seem to copy either. It copys then stops half way. Is it faulty do you think? Thanks. It is a Maxtor portable 250GB.

  pcmags 09:41 15 Jan 2009

Try another USB lead?

  steviegee 09:50 15 Jan 2009

I will have to buy another lead as it is a special one that has 2 usb into the PC and 1 into the drive, however if the lead was faulty the PC wouldn't know there is a drive there would it?

  birdface 12:32 15 Jan 2009

Another thread on here last week said to use the USB ports at the back of the computer and not the ones in the front for plugging in external hard drives.Not knowing a great deal about the subject I always thought that all the USB ports would be the same.So not sure if it makes a difference.

  canarieslover 12:52 15 Jan 2009

Is this drive powered through USB or does it have it's own power supply? Sometimes there is not enough spare power in a computer's power supply and having an external hard drive drawing power from USB slots is enough to upset the host computer. Normally I would have expected computer to shut down if this was the case but it could also cause what you are experiencing. Have you tried the Maxtor with another computer to check that it is performing as it should?

  steviegee 12:58 15 Jan 2009

I have exchanged it for another unit which seems ok. As for a couple of your comments it is powered through the PCs USB which is why I suppose it has 2 USB connections - 1 for power and 1 for data.

The new one seems to work ok in both front and rear USBs, so I dont think that makes a difference either. Thanks all for your input.

  gazzaho 18:01 15 Jan 2009

I own an Iomega Ego 250GB portable drive and it also has 2 USB plugs, one is sufficient for power to drive it, the other is used only if it appears that one plug can't supply enough power. I've never had to use the second plug in order to get it working. It appears your first drive was faulty and I just thought I'd mention you may not have to use both USB plugs with your drive in order to get it working try one plug first.

  gazzaho 18:04 15 Jan 2009

I should have mentioned to make sure you use the right plug, on mine the "power" plug exits out the back of the main plug.

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