Problem with Epson Status Monitor 3

  Dave1947 17:49 15 Oct 2007

My trusty old Epson Photo 790 died, so I purchased a new Epson Stylus D92.
Cleaned out all the old printer software, tried to install the new printer and promptly hit a major problem with the latest Staus Monitor software, which immediately hangs the system and locks everything up - only way out is a dirty reboot. Status Monitor 3 worked fine with the previous printer.
The Epson helpdesk first refered me to various Microsoft knowledge, none of which were related to the problem or my operating system, then blamed the Via chipset controller for the USB hub (which worked fine for the previous printer), then told me to take it back to the supplier to test. Not a lot of success likely from taking a printer back to a French supermarket (I live in France).
The problem process appears to be called E_FARNBZE.EXE.
syatem details:
ASRrock motherboard with twin Pentium 4 3gig processors, USB2, windowsXP Home SP2 and the VIA USB host controller rev 5.1
printer works with status monitor disabled, but obviously no monitoring of ink levels.
Can anybody help?
many thanks

  eedcam 18:05 15 Oct 2007

a search on google shows you aint on your own alas no uk results only german .Looks as if its the 2 printer situation (I know you uninstalled) You could run a registry cleaner say CCleaner may just be an odd file somewhere

  roygbiv 18:07 15 Oct 2007

Same problem as ME.

NO INK LEVELS indicated in Status ????..Alan

  bikeriley 17:14 17 Oct 2007

I have just purchased an Epson D92 and sure enough it also has a status moniter that blocks everyting and can't be turned off. E_FARNBZE seems to be involved somehow but I'm not that great at doing anything with files and stuff to know how to resolve this problem. I have also looked at the German forum where this problem has been noted. Have sent details of this problem to Epson but they haven't responded. I assumed I could load the software and I would be able to print stuff. I was wrong. Any suggestions?

  Pesala 18:35 17 Oct 2007

IIRC you don't have to run the Status Monitor at all.

You can still print, though obviously you won't have any feedback about how much ink is left.

  woodchip 18:40 17 Oct 2007

You could try downloading the latest Epson status moniter From Epson click here

  woodchip 18:41 17 Oct 2007

Also read this click here

  Dave1947 21:37 17 Oct 2007

Thanks for the thoughts, woodchip, but I've already downloaded the latest drivers, and I don't have win98SE or 2000. The status monitor software issued with the photo 790 printer worked fine on Win98, and an updated driver worked fine with XP. There is an obvious bug or incompatability problem in the monitor software written for the D92,which Epson are unable or unwilling to resolve. The only change to my system is the new printer, and I have no problems with another other peripheral, either new or old. To my simplistic mind, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Also, having eliminated all probable answers, that which remains, however improbable, is the answer. Perhaps worth mentioning a bought my first (proper) computer 24 years ago.


  Dave1947 21:38 17 Oct 2007

ps but I still can't type very well!!


  woodchip 11:44 18 Oct 2007

Me Nether neither. I do it as it sounds

  Dave1947 22:30 23 Oct 2007

After much digging. the following has worked for me!!
Open printers & faxes from the settings button in the start menu
Right ckick on Epson D92 & select properties>printing preferences>maintenance>speed & progress
High speed copies
always spool RAW datatypePage rendereing mode
Print as bitmap

OK then selecet Monitoring preference
Check all.

E_FARNBZE.EXE puts 2 items in the startup menu, E_S81 and W_S33. These set up KKCU values in the registry to call exe commands, one of which is located in C:windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\E_FARNBZE.EXE\fu"c\windows\TEMP\E_S81.tmp"/EF"HKCU"
Note the temp file !!!! obviously the system will hang if you do like me and clear your temp files regularly. I'm going to send this little nugget to Epson & see what they say!!

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