problem with e-mails

  alt 19:47 10 May 2003

Hi, I am getting 2, and sometimes 3 copies of the same e-mails downloading to my inbox, as I get a lot of e-mails due to selling on E-Bay this is very frustrating and confusing. I am using Outlook from the Office 2000 suite, and running xp home. I don't know if this is a factor but it has only started happenning since I networked my 2 comps about 4 weels ago.....Thanks in advance Val.....

  recap 13:53 11 May 2003

Check that you do not have a duplicate account. If not then it may be the sender that has the problem with their server. This happens to me at work from a newsgroup I am registered with, and it is always their server that is causing the problem. The last time it happend I was getting up to 10 of the same emails.

  alt 13:58 11 May 2003

Hi Re-cap. It is happinging with all e-mails, not just one or two senders.

  alt 14:08 11 May 2003

Hi Re-cap, I think that I do have duplicate accounts because I have just looked in the "view existing e-mail accounts" thingy and 4 of my addresses have brackets with either (1) (4) (3) etc. etc. I assume that if there is brackets with (3) next to the address then I have 3 of these accounts, is this correct and how do I change it, because if I just press cancel next to the name it cancels out the while address....

  recap 14:26 11 May 2003

Have you set the same account on all networked PC's?

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