Problem with DVDRs

  Tim1964 18:14 08 Sep 2007

I've been converting and then burning some AVI files to DVD. I've used some discs from Poundland (25p ea) that have worked fine but the Tesco own brand ones always come out as 'blank'. The only difference between them (that I can tell) is that the Poundland ones are X16 and the Tesco are X8.

I've tried different files to see if it's the file that's the problem but it made no difference.

Does this have any effect on whether the discs will record or not?


  eedcam 18:38 08 Sep 2007

If anything the x8 speed should be more reliable so it wont be the speed .. Are they both both the same format ie + or -r's ? Download a frebie called dvd Identifier that will tell you the disc manufacturer the name on the label means nothing even with the big brands.

  Tim1964 20:25 08 Sep 2007

They're both +Rs.

I would have guessed the cheapies from Poundland might have been the dodgy ones but obviously not.

I think I'll get some more X16's to see if that helps.

  g0nvs 21:20 08 Sep 2007

Stay away from cheap media,I tried discs from Tesco's and were rubbish.Took em back for a refund.

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