Problem DVD Drive

  Madpad_001 19:38 31 Jul 2005


I have a Matsu*!@:a DVD -R drive connected to a MESH Laptop I bought a few years ago. I have some problems, 1) It does not always read a CD/DVD i have to reboot about 4 times before it starts to work again. Will cleaning the optical head solove this??

2) The drive is slot loading and on a few occiations does not eject the CD/DVD. It seams to get caught in the lip of the drive on the way out, can I fix this anyway??

Thanks in advance for your help. PS sorry for the poor spelling.

Cheers madpad.

  maveric 08:11 01 Aug 2005

This will help with the spelling click here
As for the DVD, they are so cheap now I would dump it and buy a new one! Sounds like its on its last legs.

  User-312386 08:29 01 Aug 2005

Spelling not a problem mate

Roght click My computer, select ptoperties and then hardware. Now click device manager, click the plus(+) of DVD/CD-ROMS, locate your and right click and then uninstall.

With regards to the ejecting it does appear as you say that it catches on the lip, mine does that a lot. Just wiggle the door a couple of times and then it opens

  Madpad_001 20:28 08 Aug 2005

Sorry for the delay,

But thanks for the help (good little program for spelling)

Going back to my problems

1} Used a head cleaner and now working fine but haed to clean the head 4 times.

PS. bought a second drive off the web whilist my drive was playing up, but as I had paided for it my current drive dicided to work again. But at least I have a second drive as a backup in case it goes wrong again.

Once more thanks for your help.


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