Problem with DVD

  hecate 15:22 20 Nov 2004

I recently treated myself to a DVD Recorder to connect to my TV. After downloading a few articles to disk,I tried to download them to my comp.Although I can view the DVD on screen I am unable to download to my hard drive.Any help on this matter would be much appreciated Thanks, Hecate. DVD Recorder Phillips 610. DVD+R. RW. Comp DVD MSI "Power DVD5 CyberLink"

  ACOLYTE 15:29 20 Nov 2004

I think this is a copy protection feature built in to the player when it writes discs,so if you copy films off the tv you cant copy then on your pc.

  hecate 18:21 20 Nov 2004

Hi,Acolyte.Thanks for your quick response, but I have'nt recorded any films, only the odd program or two. Hecate

  MidgetMan 18:35 20 Nov 2004

Not exactly sure what you are tryng to do here, you say that you have downloaded several items when in fact what you have done is recorded them (bit like a video.

You cannot download from a dvd disk to hard drive, you can cut/paste od drag/drop.

Perhaps if you explained in a bit more depth what you are trying to do???

  hecate 11:16 21 Nov 2004

Hi MidgetMan. Sorry I wasn't very clear.What I would like to do is record programs from my TV to DVD( Linked to TV) then transfer Dvd to my computer and transfer from DVD disk to Hard Drive. Hope this helps Thanks, Hecate

  pj123 13:23 21 Nov 2004

What I don't understand is: If it is already on a DVD why you need it on your hard drive as well?

But you may find, possibly, that one of these programmes may help. They are both on the cover disk of PC Advisor Magazine for December 2004.

DVD X Maker and Videowave 5.0 OEM

Worth a try.

  hecate 08:14 22 Nov 2004

Hi pj123. I've tried to transfer dvd content to my hard drive so that I can manipulate the brightness and contrast,because at the moment I'ts very dark. I have tried to adjust settings on computer DVD but I'ts still too dark.Thanks for your reply and suggestions.Hecate

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