Problem dual booting XP and 7

  m800afc 12:20 06 Feb 2009

I have installed 7 on its own partition and it seems to be working. I normally use a Saitek Eclipse 3 USB keyboard.
When I try to boot the computer, the boot manager has 7 highlighted as default. At this stage the keyboard does not work at all, none of the leds are lit. I have to directly power down the computer. If I want to boot into XP, I have to replace the keyboard with a standard one.
Is there a way to persuade 7 to acknowledge my Saitek before the boot manager requests a decision?

  T I M B O 13:05 06 Feb 2009

Somebody else came in yesterday with the same problem, i did not stick around what the result was but you could read back over yesterdays entries. I have asked other techies Howe ever that putting Win 7 on an old XP machine is not a good move, i heard it's a smoother transition from Vista to Win 7. It could be just a diver issue, im really not sure.

  T I M B O 13:06 06 Feb 2009


  T0SH 13:14 06 Feb 2009

Turning on USB legacy support (it is often called other names) in BIOS setup should get your keyboard working at boot option time

Cheers HC

  MAJ 13:17 06 Feb 2009

Try changing the boot order so that XP is the default. Right-click "My Computer" choose Properties > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery section "Settings" button and choose XP from the dropdown list, Click Apply and OK to exit and reboot.

  m800afc 14:33 06 Feb 2009

Thanks for the advice, I can now get into XP with the Saitek.
It seems there is a known USB port problem in 7. Apparently if some hardware is unplugged, 7 refuses to recognise it even when plugged back into the same USB port.

  crosstrainer 14:40 06 Feb 2009

Vista does that with some usb keyboards as well, looks like they have yet to sort it out.

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