Problem downloading my emails

  Britquester 18:27 24 Mar 2003

Hope you guys can help...For some strange reason my emails only seem to be downloading up to 50% before it just seems stop downloading the remainder.

I checked my email settings and I can't detect any changes.

I'm running XP Professional

  Ironman556 18:53 24 Mar 2003

Have you got a limit set in the download options?

Have you tried leaving it for a bit? It may be that it downloads from 50% of the accounts then has a bit of a delay while it downloads a large email from another.

You could try signing into the accounts on the web-based service and read/delete the mail from there if your email program doesn't like that particular mail (for some strange reason).


  Tjsuk11 20:00 24 Mar 2003

Are you trying to download from yahoo? I've been having the same problem for about two days now. All was well before then.
With mine it gets to 50% then appears to almost crash outlook and every thing slows right down.

  anchor 20:29 24 Mar 2003

It may be you need to increase the server time out time. The default is 1 minute, but you could try increasing this to the max: which is 5 mins.

I had a similar problem once, when someone tried to send me an e-mail with a massive attachment. However, as I am now on broadband there is rarely a problem.

  Britquester 20:55 24 Mar 2003

Thanks Ironman,TJsuk11 and anchor I noticed on my setup I had ( default )
and below that

I had also been getting lots of double emails...Anyway I've eliminated the lower " and it seems to be working OK now. At least I think it is!

Once again thanks for your advice. Keep up the good work I will definately be a regular visitor to this site.


  anchor 09:28 25 Mar 2003

Glad your problem is resolved. I am sure that you will enjoy, and learn much from this site, as I have done.

I suggest you click "resolved" at then bottom of the thread whenever your problem has been settled.

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