Problem with download speed, AOL

  lahorie 11:59 02 Oct 2007

Hi All,

AOL claimed to have upgraded my connection to 2MB. I can see no difference in the speeds, i have all the various speed tests which indicate just under 1MB, this was just as it was before they said they had upgraded.

Various calls and online help have not helped, i'm still getting about 990kb download, exactly the same as 6 months ago.

Any suggestions?


  RobCharles1981 12:08 02 Oct 2007

Where did you do your speedtest too?

  lahorie 12:21 02 Oct 2007

Hi Rob_25_Wales., are 2 i have tried, i was asked to try the but i always get an error message...


  Diemmess 12:23 02 Oct 2007

I had exactly the same problem with a previous speed increase a few years back.

Helpline was futile, but what did work was to write to the head honcho, the then Vice president Consumer Affairs had the name of Alan Macluckie and an Almondsbury (Bristol) address.
About three days later I had a male English voice who asked me to do this and try that, and before the conversation ended had upgraded me to the promised speed and given me a month free of subscription.

Looking for a discount on a later occasion by email, the reply was from an e-mail address of a pleasant Irish woman (, who did some trading with me and agreed to drop the sub from then silver @ £14.99 down to £9.99 in return for a new 12 month contract.

I should emphasise these were addresses 2 years or more ago and may have changed, the curiously named irenemuk is/was probably "Irene M. UK."

I will search for the postal help address for you but you ought to be able to find it for yourself if you dig at Contacts and do it deep enough.

One up to snail mail!

  lahorie 12:28 02 Oct 2007

Thanks Diemmess,

That would be very helpful indeed!


  Diemmess 12:41 02 Oct 2007

This is the only address I found in the "How to make a formal complaint", but it does have the Bristol address...........

My letter was very much a "more in sorrow than anger message"

Good luck, and do tell us how you got on?


Address to Complaints Management Team
Jackie O’Leary, Vice President of Member Services Office
Date(s) of incident(s)

Name of Member Services representative you originally spoke to, if known
The nature of your complaint
Your full name and address
Your AOL screen name
Telephone number

Where to send it:
c/o Member Services
PO BOX 2401

Last Updated: Friday, 30 March 2007, 09:51 GMT

  lahorie 12:50 02 Oct 2007

Thanks Diemmess,

Will do


  lahorie 10:29 09 Oct 2007


AOL had not updated the speed of the line i have just been informed, even though 2 of their customer service people said it had been upgraded.

They have done it now and i have checked, it is 1987kbps, so very close to 2MB.

They have also offered me 6 months reduction in the amount i am paying which is very good of them.

Thanks everyone for helping.


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