Problem with DirectParallel Cable connection

  Mike 11:26 17 Feb 2005

Laptop Win98se has lost a lot of Systems files after running ScanDisk from Dos. So now will only work in Dos. I need to backup “My Documents” and a few others, before reinstalling Windows.

Tried DirectParallel Cable Transfer which used to work with my old PC and Win98se but now I have XP on my desktop computer. When I click connect I error 721 – the remote computer did not respond, click “More Info” which offers help on modems, PPP for Internet Connections or Terminal Features, all of which is no help at all.

I am the Administrator so what’s going wrong


  Yoda Knight 11:30 17 Feb 2005

might be wrong here, so if some else could confirm this before u actually do it.....
If you re-install windows 98 over the existing version, it will replace all the system files whilst leaving your documents etc in place.
Pretty sure of it, but its been a while since I used '98 ;)

  Mike 12:14 17 Feb 2005

Hi Yoda Knight,

That would be good, lets see what others think.


  groundhog 22:41 17 Feb 2005

You will also get the option to install win98 to another dir.

My self i used to rename the windows dir at the dos prompt (WinOld) and re-install win98 as normall (at dos prompt type "rename?" ignore quotes will tell you format to use ie. rename C:\windows C:\winold

Reboot to window then i'd move all the programs and data back into new windows to the same place as the old,

Then it's back to DOS and swap the reg files from the old windows to the new windows

REMEMBER to 1st rename the new windows reg file as ( otherwise it will be over written.

Reboot a viola

ps delete winold when happy

  groundhog 22:56 17 Feb 2005

You will need to find a compatable transfer program for both winXP and DOS. the program A-link used to work (using a directparallel cable).

The problem is Xp needs something to talk to on the DOS system otherwise you could just use Network wizard in xp.

  Mike 16:05 18 Feb 2005

Thanks Grounghog,

Just a little confused, Program Files is outside Windows along with some programs which were loaded to C:, and will returning the contents of OldWin not overwrite the newly installed Windows, some of which may be corrupt or do I assume they are good since ScanDisk left them alone.

Do I not need the New Reg to go with the New Windows.

Trouble is Daughter used this Laptop at Uni. and has all sorts of files inside applications; She didn’t always use My Documents. You know how, when you click save as and the application selects is own default directory, and of course no backup. "She's in tears"

Now understand about XP Network

Please could you give me a blow by blow hand hold so I do everything in the correct order.

Regards Mike

  tws750 16:35 18 Feb 2005

You may be able to copy files to a new C drive folder first though dos, just to make sure.Been a while since i overwrote 98se or ME too, but i seem to recall it repairing windows without removing any other files.

  groundhog 08:39 19 Feb 2005

It sounds like its in right mess.

The loooong way.

Using DOS I can remember some of the commands
But if you look inside the dos dir type "cd c:\dos" they should be listed

You only need to type what is inside the qoutes

What I would do is make a new directory entry [ie safe] type "md \safe" To ensure it was created type "cd \safe" the cursor should now be >c:\safe_ next type "cd \"

If you need help with any command type "the command?" ie. "move?" this should give you all the parameters that work with this command you will be looking for how to move directories and files into the new SAFE dir.

eg. To move all your files to the safe directory type "move *.* c:\safe"

I'm sorry i can't remember all the DOS commands and their switches

  groundhog 09:27 19 Feb 2005

Sorry about confusing you reference moving program files back into windows I should have said non windows program files and data (ie. applications).

The reason I said to use the old reg entry is that if you dont you will need to re-install all the application programs so that they can re-register in the reg file and this will result in lost data, however if the old reg file failed to work you could always re-use the new file thats why I suggested you rename it.

Once all your programs and data are safe inside the new directory and the root directory is clean it's just a case of reinstalling windows to the Hard drive.

If your hdd is big enough you could use "copy" to the safe directory and then re-install win98 over the top of the old one and if everything works out well you will still have all your programs and data intact. Then you could delete the safe dir. The only reason I suggest a new dir is to protect your data.

Best of luck

  groundhog 09:29 19 Feb 2005

Thats a superb suggestion and makes life so much easier.

  Mike 11:31 21 Feb 2005

OK folks,

Yoda Knight – groundhog has confirmed your thoughts and also straightened out my confusion. Thanks for taking the time to explain things, I have no problem with Dos I only needed the order in which to do things. Need to check out the HDD to see if a total “copy” is possible.

ßéLâ – this looks like a good idea as working within Dos will be painfully slow.

I will tick the box when it all done.
? how do you get bold charaters in text ?

Regards Mike

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