problem with defragging

  sgt-dibble 23:08 17 Apr 2003

my nephews computer will not de-frag it gets to
10% then says disc data has changed and starts
again from begining, I cannot see a programme
running so I am stumped

  VoG™ 23:11 17 Apr 2003

Defrag in Safe Mode.

  Gandalph 23:17 17 Apr 2003

Close down as many programmes as you can that are running in the System Tray as these take up your resources. Run Scandisc before you try and defrag.

  Steinman 23:24 17 Apr 2003

Check screensaver is off.

  BLB 23:47 17 Apr 2003

If you have a hub connected to your USB port it wont defrag.Do it in DOS as VoG says.

  DEC777 23:55 17 Apr 2003

All above advise very good and hope it does the trick...

Does your nephew use any shareware like Kazaa cause its security is low and the Klez worm is a big problem and can be the culprit big-time...

Run Ad-aware(delete all), RUN Anti-Virus, then above help!! <===and don't play with mouse or any peripheral during defrag!!

GL and let us know how it goes, feedback helps us too, thanks...

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