Problem creating back-up with Drive Image 7

  Inside Edge 12:54 15 Mar 2006

Can anyone help with a Drive Image back-up problem ?

I have a Mesh PC with an Athalon FX-51 processor, and 2 Maxtor HDD's, running XP Pro. I am trying to create a back-up image of my C: drive, using Drive Image 7 (installed as ver 7.0 and subsequently updated to 7.03 via Symantec Site). I am trying to place the Image in a partition H: on my 2nd HDD.

All went fine using the DI wizard, and the image creation began. Then, 20 mins into the back-up process, I got a message: -

"Windows Delayed Write Failed - Windows was unable to save all the data in file H:\$Mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by failure of your hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere."

Shortly after, I got the same error message, this time referring to file H:\pre-SP2backup\C_Drive.V2i (with "preSP2backup" being the folder on H: drive where I was trying to store the drive image, and "C_Drive.V2i" being the back-up itself).

The Drive Image software stopped responding, and the same 2 error messages kept popping up at 2 minute intervals, no matter how many times I closed them, until I re-booted my PC.

I don’t know why Windows would be doing any “delayed writing” during the DI imaging process, but in order to try to ensure that there was no activity in other software while the back-up was going on, I disconnected from my router, and closed Norton Security. I repeated the attempt to back-up, but got the same error messages, and Drive Image stopped responding just 3 minutes into the back-up.

I tried searching for a file called $Mft but win explorer couldn’t find one.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be going wrong ? Are there special steps to be taken if you are trying to back-up the drive you’re running DI from ? Symantec seem to have dropped all mention of Drive Image from the support area on their website.

Any help will be gratefully received


  rawprawn 13:38 15 Mar 2006

Have you tried using Windows Pro own backup system, does that have a problem?

  Inside Edge 14:01 15 Mar 2006

Hi, and thanks very much for responding.

I did try it while those error boxes were appearing every few minutes, and I didn't get response by way of dialogue box, but I've not tried it since I re-booted.

I'd like to get Drive Image functional, but the main aim is to get a restorable back-up, prior to attempting to install SP2. As you may know, MESH PC's with FX-51 chips had an issue which prevented installation of SP2. Davey from MESH support gave me a workaround very recently, but I wanted to be able to restore my PC to a working state if it all went belly up. Hence I was looking to have a back-up that I could still restore if XP was no longer functioning - which is where DI came in. I'll try the XPpro back-up utility when I get home from work this evening - if it works, can I restore that even if I'm unable to boot to Windows ?

Incidentally, I successfully used XP System Restore last week to take my PC back to a known "good point" after Symantec Tech. Assistance had hung my PC while using remote assistance. They were trying to re-size partitions with Partition Magic (in preparation for making this back-up) - that problem was sorted when I reformatted both patitions on the 2nd HDD.

Thanks for your input.

  rawprawn 14:11 15 Mar 2006

I don't use Drive Image 7, so I can't really help you. click here is what I use and it is the best on the market in my opinion, however in your position I would give XP Pro backup another try.

  blanco 16:41 15 Mar 2006

Have you checked that your H partition is large enough?
I ask because I started of using Drive Image 7 to make an image on a partition of my second hard drive and had no problems.
I then got an external drive and also made an image on that.
Later on, I found that there was no problem on the external but I got a similar failure message on the original partition. Looking at the image size I realized that the additional programmes I had added to my main drive had pushed it beyond the partition capacity.
Since then, I rely on the external and have had no problems whatsover and, in fact, find it an easy and effective back up.

  Inside Edge 17:56 15 Mar 2006

Thanks for your comments.

The fun I had with Partition Magic that I mentioned above occurred while I was re-sizing the H patition to allow it to take the anticipated size of the back-up. I'm not in front of the PC now but from memory, I made it 40Gb for a 37Gb back up. I assumed that the back up would be the same size as that reported in C: drive properties (since it's supposed to be and Image ! ), and added a bit to allow for Drive Image to add some baggage. I also recall that before the DI back-up creation kicked off, it checked the size of the destination against the drive I'd selected for backing up - that was why I enlarged H: in the first place. However, perhaps I didn't allow enough fat - it's certainly easy to enlarge H: a bit and try again. ...I shall do that this evening.

Did you get that reference to a file called "$Mft" ?

  Inside Edge 23:35 15 Mar 2006

tried saving to a larger partition and the process was completely successful. Thanks very much for your input !

Thanks also to all other respondents for your thoughts/experience

  woodchip 23:37 15 Mar 2006

Is Drive H:\ on your Computer Fat32 ?????

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