problem connecting wireless extender to router

  Mallardhunter 04:37 29 Mar 2006

I am trying to connect a D-Link dwl-g710 wireless extender to a netgear range mas wpn824 router and a linksys wireless ethernet card. I am able to connect to the router but not able to set up extender. I have tried to go to the ip address that is given for the extender but have no luck connecting to it. I have done this with it wired to the router, a seperate router i was not using, and dirrectly to my ethernet connection. All the instructions say to do is to wire to computer or switch and type ip into url which doesnt work. anyone know how to set this up?


  dms05 08:54 29 Mar 2006

The QIG for the product says you need to set your computer with a static IP address before you do anything else. Then type in Submask Help on static IP addressing on the installation CD.

Also I note their are firmware updates available, have you installed them?

  Mallardhunter 05:17 30 Mar 2006

When you look at the network manual, it says to hook your range extender to the network and type click here in the brouser. when i do this the brouser comes to a screen like when you go to a web address that doesnt exists. it says you need a static ip for configuring but the only thing is says about it is after you have got to the wizzard screen and it is an option. never says how to set it up before hand.

  Mallardhunter 05:20 30 Mar 2006

i downloaded the firmware updates but it didnt to anything. i couldnt open the file and i dont have anything loaded on my computer since i cant get to the config screen of the range extender. it acts like the extender does not exist. i have my computer hooked up through lan cable and extender pluged in back of router. i also tried it connecting computer and extender directly together. Either way i can not get anything to come up when i type the ip in the brouser.

  keewaa 11:23 30 Mar 2006

I'm wondering if you can mix manufacturers equipment like that for pre-n equipment like the wpn824 ... pn meaning pre-n, meaning pre standard, and thus no common 'n' standard has been agreed between the manufacturers yet. Maybe someone will confirm this or not.

  Danoh 13:27 30 Mar 2006

keewaa; I've got great pre-N wireless connectivity between a Belkin router and a Linksys PCI adapter; after checking that they both use AirGo's MIMO technology.
I can't vouch for any other makes-models though.
Mallardhunter is trying to hard-wire (not wireless so pre-N is not relevant) a standard 802.11g repeater to his existing router.
So 1st he has to access via Ethernet cable rather then wirelessly, as that has not been setup yet, of course.

Have you already accessed your Netgear router via an Ethernet cable to setup connectivity for your new D-Link repeater first?
I've not done this before but check out "mgmcc"'s responses to threads in this forum for clues.

  Mallardhunter 22:39 30 Mar 2006

i am trying to set up a wireless d-link extender to a wireless netgear router. the instructions say to hard wire the whole thing during setup which i have done. my router works fine wireless or hardwire. next the instructions say go to ip address and when i try this the only thing that happens is it says no website exists. i have also tried a second router that i had at the house and got it set up where it works either hard wire or wireless with the extender hard wired to the router but the ip address still does not exists. i cant get to the configuration screen. any one know how.

  keewaa 08:59 31 Mar 2006

ah OK, have you disabled all software firewalls for setup?

Once connected to the router you might be able to log into the router and look at "connected devices" to see if it is recognised.

You might try connecting it directly to a computer and try logging into it to set it up.

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