problem connecting through router

  moggers 21:01 23 Jan 2008

Hi I am trying to connect 2 pcs through a linksys router which in turn is plugged into a cable modem (ntl) I am having probems connecting the 2 pcs the first one says it is connected but wont connect to internet (though last week it did), the 2nd pc which is my main concern does not connect at all when i go to network connections the screen is totally blank and going into device manager this screen is also blank so i cant see if the network adapter is working ok or not! I tried saving the configuration of the host pc and installing this by floppy disk onto the 2nd but nothing seems to happen, but do i need to do this anyway if using a router? Also when i tried configurating the router it came up configuration error! I am puzzled to say the least and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for looking

  Ashrich 21:38 23 Jan 2008

First of all , did you power down the cable modem before connecting the router ? Cable modems " bind " themselves to the MAC of the first PC or router it connects to , so to make it forget the MAC you have to power it down for 10 minutes then connect the router and then the first PC , then power them up in turn , modem first , then router then PC , then try accessing the Internet again . As for the second PC , when you say that Device manager is blank , is that all of it , or just the Network section ? If it running Windows XP , you can always do a repair of the installation to try and get it all back again .


  moggers 22:03 23 Jan 2008

yes I did power down the modem first then connected evreything back up powering on in sequence, ill leave it for 10 minutes next time tho as im sure i didnt leave it that long.
The second PC device manager was completely blank, when you say repair the installation you mean use the recovery cd for XP i take it? Does it sound from what Ive told you it could be the network adapter?

  Ashrich 22:32 23 Jan 2008

It sounds like it could be the whole of the Networking section of XP if the Network Connections area is blank as well ( hopefully a software problem only ) , so try doing a repair installation ( make sure you have everything important backed up , just in case ! ) If you only got a recovery CD , one that returns the PC back to the state that you got it in , do you have a partition on your hard drive as well with XP on it ? If you have the partition ,this can be used to re-install/repair instead of wiping everything off and starting again .


  moggers 23:25 23 Jan 2008

OK ill try that there is nothing on the pc as it was given to someone and they haent put anything on it as yet. Thanks for all your help Ill be going back there on sunday so Ill post back then . . . . . hopefully resolved!

  Ashrich 18:09 24 Jan 2008

Hello again moggers , when you get to look at the PC in question , have a look in the bios to see if the network port ( if it is an onboard one ) is actually enabled , sometimes they are shipped turned off . This of course would make all the difference to whether networking was available on the PC or not , if it detects no network connectors when Windows is being loaded it probably wouldn't install anything else ( especially if there is no dial up modem fitted either )


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