Problem connecting laptop to home network

  enjg 22:44 22 Feb 2008

My desktop pc has an Athlon 64x2 4200+ processor and 2

GB of RAM, with XP2 Pro. I have a Linksys WRT54GS

Broadband Router and am connected with Virgin Media.

My daughter has given me an old laptop a, Toshiba

Satellite Pro 4600 with a Celeron 747MHz Processor,

384MB of RAM and XP2 Pro it has an Intel Pro/100 VE

Network adaptor. I have fitted a Linksys Wireless-G

Notebook Adaptor with SRX (Model No WPC45GX), so that I

can use it around the house. However when I try to

connect to the home network, although it "finds" a list

of networks, I am unable to connect, and get an error

message - "Windows is unable to connect to the selected

network (my home network). The network may no longer be

in range. Please refresh the list of available

networks, and try again." I have tried connecting with

the laptop in the same room as the router, but get the

same message.
In Device Manager, under Network adaptors, both are

shown, and both are working correctly, but in the

taskbar there is a red cross shown on both icons, one

says that a network cable is unpluged,but I don't have

a network cable fitted. The other tells me that the

wireless is not connected.
I presume that the adaptor is working as it can "see"

wireless networks, plus I have used Lynksys support to

check that all the settings on both Router and Adaptor

are correct.
My wife has a new laptop and is able to connect to the

home network without any problem.
Please can anyone offer any advice or assistance.

  tullie 23:05 22 Feb 2008

Can you connect by way of ethernet?

  enjg 01:29 23 Feb 2008

I haven't tried that, will give it a go, Thanks.

  kidsis 15:09 23 Feb 2008

if still having problems, have you checked that wireless on the laptop is "switched on". On my laptop there are keys to press in order to toggle wireless on or off.

  T0SH 16:08 23 Feb 2008

Check that the wireless channel setting being used by the wireless router and the laptop card are the same, or is set to automatic in the case of the laptop card

if they are ok then look in the laptop wireless network cards advanced properties for a speed setting option, selecting the lowest available speed (G being the highest)will often helps with stability and conectivity issues

Cheers HC

  enjg 22:18 23 Feb 2008

I have had to buy a new ethernet cable to see if I can connect directly, will try tomorrow, along with all the other solutions,and keep you informed. Thanks for the terrific responses.

  enjg 22:13 24 Feb 2008

Hi tullie,
Yes I can connect using an ethernet cable, and I suspect now that this laptop is not wireless enabled. The Toshiba website, gives the following spec for my model "with intergrated wireless LAN module on all Pentium III models, on board 10/100 Ethernet NIC". My laptop has a Celeron Processor.
Can anyone tell me how I can check if it is wireless enabled, or does the fitting of a Notebook Adaptor make it wireless enabled? I can connect to the internet using an ethernet cable plugged into the router, but am still unable to conncet by wireless.
I have downloaded all the Windows updates available as well as IE7 onto the laptop while it was conneced (there were 97!) so it is up to date.

  tullie 06:31 25 Feb 2008

Have you tried turning on the WiFi by way of the switch on laptop?

  enjg 11:54 25 Feb 2008

Yes there is a switch on the left hand front side, and that is on the "on" position.

  brundle 12:12 25 Feb 2008

Do you see any other networks with a similar or identical name to your LinkSys, or is it a unique name?

  enjg 13:11 25 Feb 2008

Yes I can see other wireless networks in the area besides my home network. A thought has just occured to me; when I try to connect to my home network, it tries to connect straight away, if I try to connect to other networks which are found, I am prompted to provide a security key, so I don't bother. Is this normal? I am new to wireless networking.

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