Problem connecting with Alcatel Speedtouch

  Canberra100 20:36 16 Feb 2003


I am trying to set up my Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem but I am getting a single red flashing light on the USB light and nothing on the ADSL light. I am running Windows XP with a Via KM266 and VT8235 chipset which according to BT is where my problem lies. They have told me to install new drivers (1.6) which should cure the problem. After all that I have downloaded the new drivers on another machine, my question is do I need to remove the old drivers (please say no) before I install the new one. I am computer literate but by no means a techy. If this isn't the problem do you have any other suggestions.
Thanks in advance

  powerless 20:41 16 Feb 2003

You can install over the new ones...

There are newer drivers available than 1.6...

2.0.1 @ click here

  Canberra100 23:16 16 Feb 2003


Many thanks, I will give them a try.

  anchor 09:34 17 Feb 2003

Leo 49 had a lot of problems with the Via chipset and the Alcatel ADSL modem installation, earlier in 2002.

He did resolve them, I forget how. Try contacting him.

  Canberra100 17:28 17 Feb 2003


Thanks very much I will try. Sorry for late response just got in from work. How do I contact him direct?

  IZZY 17:50 17 Feb 2003

I don't know if this will be of any help but...

I've just spent three very frustating weeks trying to install AOL Broadband and the BT Voyager modem. I was aware at the ouset that there was an issue with VIA chipsets and I downloaded and installed various updates for these along with the USB Filter Patch 110 also from Via Technologies.

None of these cured the problem which was the inability to stay on-line for more the 60-90 secs.

After giving AOL one hell of a time with phone calls (all polite and very civil on both sides, I may add) one Tech guy suggested I get and install a PCI/USB card. He said that the USB ports were not delivering sufficient power to the modem. I didn't quite believe this explanation but I was at the stage of trying anything.

Saturday last I installed a Belkin F5U220 Hi-speed USB 2.0 PCI Card. Cost me £49.99 PC World. I suppose I could have bought cheaper on the net but - as we Scots say - "needs must when the devil drives". There was absolutely no problems with installation. The line conncted first time and I haven't had a dropped connection all weekend.

The problem with VIA chipsets and USB ports evidently that they do not deliver sufficient power for the modem although the USB ports do indicate 500mv. I'm sure I have seen an article in one of the PC mags on this subject.

Anyway, just as an indication, I downloaded the latest Nero update. 4min.1sec. A download speed of jst over 56Kb per sec. (I hope I've got these Ms and Ks in the right order :))

All I'm trying to say is this may be the answer to your problem. I hope so. If Leo49 does see this I would be very interested in how he resolved the issue as I think he has a similar Mesh comp to me.

Kind Regards,


  Canberra100 18:03 17 Feb 2003


Thanks very much I will add that to my things to do. It really is a shame the isp's, mine being BT (don't say anything)don't tell you about these conflicts before you by the product. I'm not a techy by any stretch, a capable and keen novice on the more straightforward problems only. I dread downloading and installing updated drivers etc for fear of chosing the wrong file.

Anyway thanks again, if I can resolve it I will post the result.

  leo49 18:26 17 Feb 2003

This brings back bad memories. I would have hoped Alcatel and Via had come up with a fix by now as I was told they were working on it back in March 2002.

Izzy's fingered the very probable cause - lack of power - and if you can get a refund on your 'frog'
then the PCI card should rectify things. I fixed mine by connecting it to my PC via a powered hub and using a beta version of the then available driver[although I've since upgraded the driver with no ill effects]. I intend getting a new PC in a couple of months and will certainly install a PCI card to forestall any similar configuration problems.

Good luck.

Regards leo49

  leo49 18:35 17 Feb 2003

click here

The above site I found very useful and made some recommended Bios changes.

I can't remember who originally posted this site but it also may help

click here


  leo49 19:07 17 Feb 2003

Sorry Canberra100, I'm making a right pig's ear out of this and confusing things.It's just dawned on me what Izzy wrote as opposed to what I thought was written.The PCI card I was referring to is an internal PCI ADSL modem replacing the 'frog' - keeping the 'frog' follow Izzy's route or a powered hub.


  Canberra100 19:21 17 Feb 2003


Thanks very much for the click here's, I'll try the easiest route first, according to their website it was one hell of a contract for the frog, pity it causes so much grief. I can see another bottle of what you fancy coming out of the cupboard.

Thanks again everyone

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