Problem with Conexant Access Runner PCI ADSL

  Pappyon 18:05 01 Jul 2004

I am having problems with my internal modem. It has run like a sweetie up to now so I can't understand what went wrong.
I can't connect to the net at all with it.
When I open the Access Runner Control Panel I get the message "Attempting to activate Line."

I have uninstalled the modem in Control Panel/Add or Remove, and have uninstalled\reinstalled and upgraded/rolled back the drivers to no avail. I can't think of what to try next. It has been running perfectly without any trouble for months.

Any replies gratefuly received

  Kate B 18:06 01 Jul 2004

Sometimes it takes a while to connect for me - usually fixed by stopping the ADSL and then starting it again.

  Chegs ® 19:59 01 Jul 2004

I used one of these for a couple of years(only changed to router/modem as it refused to install into linux)I found that when it refused to connect it was sometiimes possible to get it going by stop/restart the connection.It was also continually disconnecting/reconnecting,this turned out to be caused by Nero's InCD.If it is refusing to connect,check you have set VCI/VPI correctly.They should be 0,38(for UK)as the driver I used always set these to 0,35.If these suggestions don't get your modem going(especially after reinstalling the AccessRunner software)then I'm out of further ideas. ;-)

  Pappyon 20:13 01 Jul 2004

Kate B
When it is in the state "Line Dosn. Attempting to Activate Line" it doesn't even have an opening to connect to my ISP, It is completely shut off!

I have tried a different combination of VCI/VPI settings, Modulation, Encapsulation modes etc etc, and it has made no difference. I have never had a moment's trouble with it in the past year. I think the fault must be in the registry. I have come to the conclusion that only a format/reinstall will cure it. Thank goodness I have the Alcatel 330 Frog as a backup!

  Kate B 09:45 02 Jul 2004

Pappyon, all I can add is that for me it doesn't connect instantly - it takes a couple of minutes of clicking and showing the "attempting to activate line" before kicking in. I then start Internet Explorer separately and it then connects to my isp (Pipex).

Might be worth checking with your ISP and with BT if the line is OK ...?

  Pappyon 10:11 02 Jul 2004

I am pleased to tell you that the problem has been resolved. There was a conflict between Conexant Access Runner PCI and my 330 Alcatel Speedtouch external.
When I unplugged and uninstalled the Speedtouch,the Conexant was perfectly OK.

I would add that I had run the two of them concurrently prior to this, without any trouble whatsoever.

I thank you once again for you interest and assistance.

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