Problem cloning to SDD?

  buel 10:16 12 Mar 2015

Hi. I have installed a 120gb SSD Hard drive in to my Dell Vostro 200 in place of my D drive. I used Acronis to clone my C drive (80gb) to the SSD, took my C drive out and plugged the SSD in instead of it but when I start the PC it won't boot up correctly as it doesn't see the SSD. Please can I ask is this a bios problem? Thank you.

  robin_x 11:07 12 Mar 2015

It may be, but I can't advise on that.

First though, double check the options for cloning and what has been copied.

If you just cloned C: partition it may not have copied the disk MBR (Master Boot Record). ie Disk Clone is required (but you may have done that)

Use Disk Management to check any hidden partitions have also been copied. (boot Windows from old drive)

(Press Windows key and R and type diskmgmt.msc )

Does the SSD show in BIOS?

What Windows do you have now?

  buel 15:20 12 Mar 2015

Quick reply until I get home: It is XP. I will report back later with other info.

  buel 21:18 14 Mar 2015


An update:

I managed to clone my C drive on to the SSD and boot up on the SSD but I get this crazy colour scheme:

click here ideas, please?


  bumpkin 22:22 14 Mar 2015

I think that you would be better off doing a clean instal of your OS to the SSD to start with. Then you can move stuff around to your requirements, keep the HDD also. My opinion only, others here may have better suggestions.

  bumpkin 22:35 14 Mar 2015

If you wish to migrate your HDD to SSD this will do it click here

  buel 22:56 14 Mar 2015

Thank you so much for that. However, in the meantime, any ideas what has gone on with the SSD to show those colours?

  buel 22:57 14 Mar 2015

Regarding the link, I used Acronis and this erased the SSD and added a partition?

  bumpkin 23:05 14 Mar 2015

My link was not to acronis.

  robin_x 23:16 14 Mar 2015

What does Display look like if you boot to Safe Mode?

(repeatedly tap F8 at boot. Choose Safe Mode with Networking)


Try a fresh download and install of Chipset and any video drivers from computer manufacturer's Support and Downloads page.

  bumpkin 23:22 14 Mar 2015

I have Aconis but haver really liked it for various reasons. If you just want to clone the drives then I would use Macrium Reflect. The link I gave is for Minitool but I have not personally tried the migration software although every thing else they have seems to be very good. I would still go for a clean instal to the SSD but your decision.

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