Problem with cd drive image ( and Nero?)

  greybeard 10:01 19 Feb 2003

AMD6-233, win982e, with creative CDRW.

After recent clean install, the pc has aquired a new cd drive where only one should exist. I now have "F" and "G" instead of just "F".
Any cd mounted in the drive comes up on "G" - nothing appears on "F".

As I've mislaid my key for registered copy of Nero, "ImageDrive Help" files are missing from the folder, and the original demo serial number no longer works, I seem to have backed myself into a corner!

I'm still waiting for a response to my email to them for a key to be sent, so any suggestions as to how to remove one image would be gratefully received.
Can the original key be found anywhere in an earlier back-up, and if so where would it be located?

  mrchips 15:40 19 Feb 2003

Check your e-mail :)

  greybeard 16:32 19 Feb 2003

Mr Chips, I'll wind it up and see if it runs.

  greybeard 22:05 19 Feb 2003

but I've still got a virtual(?) drive G. How do I get rid of it if it doesn't exist !!
I suspect it appeared when I unpacked image drive, but I don't appear to have an "imageDrive help" file. Would that tell me how to ghostbust G ? Any ideas ?

  greybeard 22:12 19 Feb 2003

I've tried removing it in "settings -device manager", but wehile it removed the entry, it still appears in Win explorer.

  leo49 22:27 19 Feb 2003

Worth trying;

Open Nero, click on Recorder/Choose Recorder... and ensure that your CDRW is highlighted as the default drive.


  greybeard 22:37 19 Feb 2003

I had a look and both are listed with the cdrw highlighted as suggested.
Pity it doesn't have an entry "zap your virtual drive"!

  leo49 22:38 19 Feb 2003

I just thought there might have been a chance it had slipped over to highlighting 'virtual'and giving rise to the ghost.

  greybeard 22:24 21 Feb 2003

To restate my predicament, I have a nero image drive of my cdrom drive with a drive letter F, and the original cdrom drive with a letter G.
I want to remove the image drive. How do I do this?
I have tried but found it impossible to remove via the settings/device manager. (Each time I remove it, then reboot, it reappears!)
I cannot find any "help" file for nero imageDrive on the computer, even though I have now downloaded Nero
I have finally found the method, included here for future searchers -

Rename a copy of my nero progs, delete the image drive, uninstall nero, then reboot. Rename the nero progs back to their original names, and then reinstall nero !

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