Problem with card installations

  chrisquinze 11:43 18 May 2003

I have recently attempted to install a network card and a Firewire card into my PC, both in PCI slots.

However once I have put them in and turned the computer back on it froze part way through start up. I then had to turn it off and turn it on again and this time Windows went in to safe mode.

This has happened now on two separate occasions and am absolutely clueless about what to do about it. Does this mean that I cannot install any new hardware into my PCI slots?

I am running Windows 98.

  PSF 12:26 18 May 2003

Try installing the cards one at a time.

They could be causing conflicts on start up as they have not had drivers installed.

It is always best to install one card at a time.

  Totally-braindead 12:32 18 May 2003

No it doesn't mean that at all. I would remove both cards completely, including the drivers I mean and install one card at a time. For example install the firewire card and run the computer for a couple of days before installing the other card, this should allow you to ascertain which card is causing the problem and then it will be a lot easier to find the source of the problem, at the moment it could be either card thats causing the problem. Before you do this though I suggest you try reinstalling both the cards drivers as this may solve your problem.

  chrisquinze 21:54 18 May 2003

I installed the cards one at a time and both produced the same problem so they are not conflicting.

Neither cards have any drivers and should just be recognised by Windows.

I have removed the cards straight away after and the next time i turned the computer on it booted up fine.

It seems that whenever a new card is inserted the computer will first freeze on boot up and then afterwards go into safe mode.

  PSF 22:20 18 May 2003

Have you tried to load the drivers in safe mode?

Try that first.

Another thing you can try is to set your BIOS to default settings, as there might be a wrong setting selected.

  woodchip 22:26 18 May 2003

Or go into bios and disable plug and play and let windows handle it

  DieSse 22:50 18 May 2003

You did turn off the power (unplug, or at the mains switch) - before putting the new cards in???

  chrisquinze 10:48 19 May 2003


How do I go in to the BIOS and change the settings?

  PSF 14:51 19 May 2003

Depending on your chipset try pressing delete several times when you turn on your pc.

I think on some pc's it is F8.

When you first start your pc press pause at the first screen. On the screen it will say how to enter the BIOS, eg, press Del to enter set-up.

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