Problem burning mp3 onto disc

  GileyD 19:33 01 Apr 2003

I was having trouble copying audio from disc to disc, so I saved the tracks I wanted as mp3 files on my hard drive, where they play ok.

I now want to burn them from my hard drive onto disc using Nero Express. I have tried twice but each time the tracks have been scanned for volume levels ok, but once the burn process starts it gets as far as 4% complete then fails. The failure report is 9 pages so don't really want to prinit it off, and probably wouldn't mean much to me anyway.

Any ideas as to what the problem may be?


  pj123 20:44 01 Apr 2003

don't try to copy MP3 files as audio. I made that mistake. using nero express make it a data disk and copy the files and they will remain as mp3

  GileyD 20:55 01 Apr 2003

thanks for that. Problem I have is that I don't have the facility to play mp3's except on my pc, and so wanted an audio disc to use around the house.

Is there any way round it?


  pj123 21:14 01 Apr 2003

I think that was my mistake. I had something like 50 mp3 files and using nero express I made an audio disk but it only copied about 10 tracks to the CD as it automatically converts mp3 to .cda files. try it. run nero express and click on audio and then only drag about 10 mp3 files at a time and see if it works.

  spud 22:40 01 Apr 2003

Why don't you use windows media player,just select the mp3's you want into a playlist then click on copy to "cd or device" the tracks are then converted back to wav files and will then play on any cd.

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