Problem burning mp3 disc

  steviegee 11:53 25 Feb 2010

I want to burn an mp3 disc. The problem i am having is that the files I want to burn are on 6 seperate discs. I want the disc to be in order i.e disc 1 1-12 disc 2 1-12 and so on but when I try to burn it puts all the 1s together then all the 2s and so on. How can i do it as I want it? (Using Nero 8) Thanks.

  Input Overload 12:22 25 Feb 2010

D1 01
D1 02 etc

D2 01
D2 02 etc

  [email protected]© 12:29 25 Feb 2010

Yea but the files are already numbered. Do I have to rename them all one by one?

  [email protected]© 12:30 25 Feb 2010

Sorry logged in with my work username!!

  canarieslover 13:39 25 Feb 2010

Leave them in their original folders and then select the folders in the player. If your player does not support folders then you will have to rename them.

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