Problem with BT Modem Lock

  Nosmas 01:57 09 Dec 2005

I am trying to help a friend who as had his PC for just two years. Unfortunately he was unable to find any information re the spec of the system, but for what it is worth the following appeared on his invoice: -

"Time Jupiter 2600XS

00507MY0864 RXP2700 512 80 DVD CD-RW

GT Pack XP1"

When he last used his system he was able to send an email, but when he next logged on (and on each subsequent time) a flashing window appeared with the message: -

"BT Modem Lock Alert

BT Yahoo Internet Warning

The BT Modem Lock Watchdog had to be restarted

'OK' (button)"

The bottom of the flashing window is almost obscuring the icons in the notification area (bottom right of monitor). If the window is dragged to another part of the screen in order to see those icons it immediately returns to its original position. If it is closed by clicking on the OK button it immediately re-appears. Clicking on any of the desktop icons is ineffective and clicking on the Start button only briefly allows the Start Menu to appear - certainly not long enough to click on any of the links in that menu. Thus the system is at present unusable.

From some information my friend has printed out re the BT Modem Lock it appears that this program is part of the Internet Connection Manager (ICM) and the icon for Modem Lock is a padlock in the notification area. The strange thing is that whilst the window is flashing a string of padlocks extends across the task bar until there are about twenty, and then reduces back to one icon, and continues to cycle through this effect. If one of the padlocks is right clicked it is the task bar menu that appears and not the menu associated with the Modem Lock.

Today whilst helping my friend the dial-up dialogue suddenly appeared and showed that a program in C:\Program Files\Surf Accuracy\SAcc.exe was attempting to dial-up. This information about the program trying to dial-up is a feature if the ICM, but which the normal windows dial-up dialogue doesn't display. A Google search (on my own system) has revealed that Surf Accuracy is an Adware program that logs keystrokes in websearch engines and sends this information to a predetermined server.

Unfortunately my friend has been accessing the Internet without the protection of an anti virus program. I intend to introduce him to AVG7 Free, but until I can get rid of the offending software I cannot install anything on his system. I have downloaded instructions for getting rid of Surf Accuracy from click here. I will also suggest that I install SP2 for which I have a Microsoft CD, and that he signs up for regular MS updates.

I shall be grateful to receive suggestions for overcoming his present problem and actually being able to log on and use his system.

  mgmcc 08:47 09 Dec 2005

It appears that the Modem Lock is preventing a premium rate rogue dialler from accessing the internet. There are a couple of things to try:

1) Open MSCONFIG and, if there is an entry in the Startup tab for the dialler, untick it. To access MSCONFIG you may have to press the "Windows key + R" to open the Run box, then type MSCONFIG and click OK.

If you cannot get to it that way, boot into Safe Mode first (tap "F8" immediately after powering on and until the Boot Menu is displayed, then select Safe Mode).

2) As you know the culprit file in the "Program Files" folder, delete it, which again might require booting into Safe Mode so it doesn't startup when you boot.

Then the PC needs to be cleaned with Ad-Aware, Spybot S & D or whatever.

  Nosmas 18:33 09 Dec 2005

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this forum, but have been out all day. Thanks for your suggestions - I think I will probably need to boot into Safe Mode as at the moment the flashing screen seems to override any other attempt to use the PC.

My friend lives some distance from me and I am not sure when I will be able to get to him to try out your ideas. I will report back any results, but in the meantime if others have any suggestions then please post them here.

Am I right in thinking that you are having problems with the modem lock?. And that you cannot get rid of the offending item, which in turn will not allow you to log on to the internet?. Regards esso.

  Nosmas 20:41 09 Dec 2005

Not only can my friend not log on to the Internet, he cannot launch any programs because the flashing screen with the 'Modem Lock Watchdog had to be restarted' message seems to be in control of the PC.

Nosmos I have to go out, but will try and resolve your problem when I get back, regards esso.

Hi Nosmas, sorry about spelling your name wrong. This is what I got BT concerning modem lock. Double click on the BT Internet icon form desktop. In the 'Connecting to BT internet window, click on the 'Configure' button and select 'Configure Modem Lock (Modem Protection)' tab from the drop down menu.

This wil open up the 'BT Modem Lock Configuration' window.

Here, untick the option 'Enable BT Modem Lock for modem protection '(recommended)'

Click on 'Apply' and click on 'OK'

The above steps would disable the BT Modem Lock.

I hope this helps, like it did for me, good luck regards esso.

  Nosmas 00:16 10 Dec 2005

Many thanks for your further post. I am not sure whether clicking on the BT Internet icon on the desktop will work (see my original post and also my reply to mgmcc) but I will certainly give it a try. The flashing message window seems to inhibit any other activity (e.g. clicking on icons) and seems to have taken control of the system.

Please also note that I am uncertain when I shall be able to get back to my friend, but when I do I will post any results here.

  marralass 18:42 29 Jul 2006

BT Modem Lock stops rogue diallers from diverting your connection through a premium rate line. Other BT internet security means that you have to put your password in to use email which effectively stops you accessing mail on another server through MS Outlook. Both these are supposedly to protect you from criminal elements but make it more difficult for you to use anything other than BT. If there is a problem with the system and you are on the Pay-as-you-go 'service' you can only report it by ringing BT's premium rate helpline. In my view these systems are the computer version of a protection racket - they protect you from others but tie you in to BT.
If you decided to ditch BT and use another service provider it is hard to uninstall the systems as there is no uninstall option and BT Modem Lock and Watchdog are two programs that watch each other. If one shuts down the other starts it up. As you can't delete a running program it is very hard to get rid of them, but there is a way.
You need to press the Windows button and R, which brings up the Run command, type in MSCONFIG in the command line. In MSCONFIG click on the boot tab and select Safe Mode. Restart the computer. This will bring up Windows with nothing running. Then go to C://Program Files/BT Yahoo! Internet then delete the offending programs. Delete all other bits of BT internet as well, a good way to find these is to use the search option and look at what else was saved on the same date that your other BT internet systems were installed. Then go to MSCONFIG again and deselect safe mode. Restart the computer. All should be well.

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