Problem booting windows XP on a new dual core.

  supalilik 16:02 02 Jul 2006


My problem:
When I turn the computer on, Windows XP loads till it gets to the Windows XP screen, then the computer checks all the hardware (LEDs blink, sounds checking etc.) and then I hear a sound (the same sound the computer makes when you turn it off, probably the HD) and it gets stuck on the Windows XP loading screen.
When I reboot, I start in fail-safe mode, everything's fine... I reboot, start in normal mode, boot fails again, fail safe->ok, normal->fails etc. till 3rd or 4th time, and it works, after that, everything's fine. I've reinstalled Windows, unplugged everything that was not vital, it worked (restarted the computer like 50 times over 8 hours) and suddenly, as I thought everything was fine, it happened again. What's weird is that it won't happen everytime, when it boots in failsafe it works 100% of the time, which would lead me to believe that it's driver-related. Please help me here because I'm a bit lost...

Here's my system configuration:
Dual Core 4400+
GeForce 7900GTX
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:17 02 Jul 2006

A corrupt virtual device driver VxD.

Start - run
sfc /scannow

let XP check for missing / corrupt files may need CD in drive to replace files as req.

  supalilik 16:26 02 Jul 2006


I'll try that; I don't have access to this computer today, but I'll try that tomorrow. If it's not that, what else can it be? Could it be hardware-related, like the processors or the motherboard (that's what I'm VERY afraid of?)
Thank you.

  supalilik 07:36 15 Jul 2006

I tried that and Windows didn't find anything missing or damaged...

I changed the graphic card and the MB as well, but I still have the problem (although maybe not as often).

I used MEMTEST86 during 8 hours, didn't find any errors.

I tried 3mmark06, everything's working fine.

I was thinking maybe a problem with the SATA HD that might be incompatible with the motherboard... but I chnaged the A8N to a GA-K8N.

Anyone has any ideas?

Thanks a bunch

  skidzy 07:45 15 Jul 2006

Not sure if this will help,but could be worth a try:

Of course Microsoft has a solution to this little dilemma too. The other recovery option that is available in Windows NT 4.0 and that is still available today is VGA mode. The idea behind VGA mode is that video problems present a bit of a catch-22. The video problems prevent you from being able to log all the way in, but you can’t fix the problem because you can’t log all the way in. VGA mode gets around this problem by forcing the video card to stay in VGA resolution. Since all modern video cards support VGA, Windows is able to load and you are able to correct the buggy driver.

Taken from : click here

  supalilik 08:34 15 Jul 2006

I had already tried to start Windows in VGA mode but it didn't work either.

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