Bobdog 12:56 11 Jan 2006

SEPT 2005 - I had a computer built to order, the computer Bits for the PC were specified by the supplier & used BIOSTAR / NVIDIA NF4UL-A9 Skt.—939—1.8MHz M/board. The computer never worked when I got home. Didn't start up in windows, instead just BIOS starts up black screen displays "Detecting IDE's..",for 10 minutes, changes to black screen "Detecting Arrays...". It has been back to builder twice. It has had . They had trouble building this machine, the (sacked technician) told me he had replaced the motherboard (and I have the returns note say- ing "INTERMITTANT FAULT COULD NOT LOCATE IDE's" Power Supply unit changed to 480W & they fitted 4 Hard- drives before one would work.
I have had 3 months of hassle and no working computer.

I am now taking Court Action, and need evidence. I need to know if anyone else has had had these problems with a NF4UL-A9 M/board. PLEASE, PLEASE help.

Cost so far are £1250+ for the computer that does’nt work. (VDU K/Board or Mouse Not Incl.), Oh! and of course no computer working.

NVIDIA NF4UL-A9 Skt.—939—1.8MHz M/board.

  Skills 02:27 12 Jan 2006

I have not had a problem with the motherboard you have listed but if others have or havent isnt really the case. As it stands you have a non working computer and have every right to get the situtation sorted asap.

I think that before you take them to court one final letter firm and to the point may not go amiss. State that you have not had a working computer from day one and any dealings you have had from with the support service. Im not sure but to me it would seem you are within your rights to ask for a replacement product and not just a repair as it seems like the goods where not fit from day one. Also get in touch with trading standards and let the company in question know that if the situtation is not sorted asap you will be taking further action.

  Bobdog 09:32 12 Jan 2006

I have given the company 2 attempts to find the fault, and they tell me there is no fault. I asked for a refund 4 Days after first collecting the computer.(i.e., after their second attempt to repair it, I gave them 7 dyas to repair or a full refund). Twice I have asked for refund.
Would you allow them to have another try.
I contacted Trading Standards after the second repair & they tell me the company have fulfilled their obligation by repairing it,.
But they did say that in future, if it goes wrong, hold on to the 'goods' and take Court Action under Sale of Goods Act (1979)(as amended).
The trouble is you have to prove what the actual fault is. My engineer has the computer for the 3rd time. 1st time he saw the fault and wrote a report. 2nd time the fault didn’t show up. 3rd time he has broken the warranty seals to get inside, and the fault hasn’t shown up.
So now I am appealing for anybody else with this problem to prove a point.
If you win the Court battle, you will only get the cost of repairs, (and if you are lucky), your Court costs. Where's the justice.

  Skills 20:09 12 Jan 2006

I can understand your frustration indeed, but the chances of finding someone who has the exact components you have and having the same fault is pretty thin on the ground. I dont mean to sound harsh about that its just how it is.

I think the best thing you can do is collect together all records of the dealings you have had with the company. List down all the problems you have had with the computer and the report from your engineer. I would really consider sending a letter to the manger of the company that has built the PC for you with all this information and the fact that will take further action, even if it gets you no further along with them its another document you can produce to show that you have given the company every chance to sort out your problems.

  Bobdog 10:52 13 Jan 2006

All details & documents have been sent via the Court to the Defendant Comapny & to the Finance Credit Card company (whose card I used for the purchase).
The Credit Card have supported me in pressuring the company, to no avail, and they will pay up if proof is offered.
The computer company have returned the court papers and are prepared to defend theirs stance.
(In these papers they returned are the Return Notes for the original faulty motherboard).

So I've done everything, even contacted Tiawan the Manufacturer, who suggested it could be the HD or the CD-DVD, which we've had checked out. My Engineer was firmly convinced that it is the motherboard, before we received the evidence.0
Any Thoughts.

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