Problem with Belkin wireless router over BT net

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 08:22 06 Jan 2004

I brought and set up a Belkin Wireless Modem / Router yesterday - model F5D7630-uk4A.

It connects to the internet over my BT OpenWorld ADSL line with no problem, and I can talk to the router via my Belkin Network Adapter without any problem.

When I try and access web pages though I start getting problems. Some seem to load ok, but others only show part of the info, or the pictures don't download. Other times, the first page displays okay, but if I then click on a link this won't load and I usually get a Page Cannot Be Displayed error.

If I ping something like click here then I get an IP address of and access times of about 22ms. No packets get lost.

If I then run a tracert click here, the first 5 hops are okay, but after that I just get * * * *. The last destination reached always seems to be [].

Is this a router setup problem, a DNS problem, or a BT problem?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for that.

What sort of problem do you think it may be? Any more info would be very helpful. I say that because BT probably wont have the faintest idea what I'm talking about, and neither will I.

Are you saying that this is a DNS problem or a problem with one of their actual servers?

Could there be anything within the Belkin setup that would cause this?

Is anybody else using this router over the BT network?

I did have ZoneAlarm installed, but the man at Belkin suggested that I uninstall this, as he says that it can sometimes interfer.

The router is supposed to have it's own firewall anyway. Could it be this that is causing a problem?

If this is a problem with the transparent proxy server would it be worth changing IE to use a different proxy server?

  TheTerminator 09:26 06 Jan 2004

i had to uninstall my firewall, and trust in the routers in-built firewall too. does the internet work fine if you connect manually, via ethernet cable to the internet? if thais works, then one would suspect that the problem lies with the wireless router rather than the connection

  TheTerminator 09:27 06 Jan 2004

again, in setting up, i found opera ran fine, very fast etc in comparison to i.e. After a few hours IE was back to its usual speed, but for a few hours opera was much quicker than i.e.

Thanks, but I'm not sure that this is a browser problem. Just before I installed the wireless router/modem I was using my BT frog and everything was flying. The problem has only been since I added the router.

My PC doesn't have an ethernet port, hence the use of the wireless USB network adapter.

I do however have an old laptop which has an ethernet port. I will try connecting this via a cable tonight and see what happens then.

It would appear from other forums that the Belkin F5D7630 has only been on the market for a short while and has a fair few bugs in its software.

The main issues appear to be

1. Getting web pages to display problem when using Internet Explorer.
2. Accessing Hotmail accounts via Outlook Express.
3. Windows Update refuses to run a scan and produces an error message.
4. You can't change the internal clock within the router.

Belkin are apparently working on a patch for the routers software, which some users are Beta testing. While this is being done the following recommendations are being made

1. Use Netscape, Mozilla or Opera which will allow pages to download properly.
2. Change the MTU and RWIN values to 1430 and 13900 (other values can also work) using DrTCP.
3. The router needs to have port 443 unblocked. As yet I am unsure how to do this.
4. This should be fixed in the patch.

I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

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