Problem with BEFWIIS4 ?

  MikeW07 01:39 16 May 2006


I've purchased a Linksys BEFWIIS4 and have it running unsecure in wireless mode, but whatever we do we cannot access the configuration screen at - does anyone have any ideas please?

We can occasionally get the page, but its very slow and we keep getting "page cannot be found" errors.


  mgmcc 08:17 16 May 2006

Does the computer you are trying to access the router's Setup pages with have an IP address in the 192.168.1.x range and are you using a *wired* ethernet connection to configure the router?

  MikeW07 12:44 16 May 2006

Its an NTL cable modem, and yes, likely in the 192.168.1.x range though i'm not sure of its address.

(im actually doing this for my mother, who is in the uk. Im currently in canada, so its difficult to keep checking stuff)

We were trying to access the router config pages via wireless. Just to clarify, the wireless connection itself works though - she can access the internet etc. Its just that when she tries to access the config pages, its slow or times out.

I'd have thought that if its a security feature not to be able to config the router wirelessly, how would we be able to access the pages sporadically?

Thanks for your help

  mgmcc 19:39 16 May 2006

Configuring a router is normally done using a "wired" ethernet connection. If you connect wirelessly and make any changes to the wireless settings, the connection is likely to crash and you could be stuck not knowing which settings have been saved and which haven't.

Having said that, there shouldn't be any reason why the wireless connection cannot at least open the Setup pages.

If I had the problem, I would probably try a "hard reset" of the router back to the factory default settings and then set it up again from scratch. Doing that obviously depends if your Mother feels confident to start again at the beginning.

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