Problem with a batch file

  Housten 23:17 16 Jan 2012

  robin_x 23:28 16 Jan 2012

Will that be the one where the batch file opens and closes too quickly to see what it says?

  Housten 14:50 17 Jan 2012


Well I don’t know what happened there then!! Saw it was on the forum, after I had posted it – you know the usual ‘2 Views 11 Seconds ago’ - and had stupidly thought that it would stay there!! However what I was asking was what I had done wrong when I had written what I had thought was a simple programme!! I used to write – admittedly in BASIC – simple programmes, and along the way I found out, and used, batch files. Recently I realised it would be a good idea to copy some important data to a USB pen drive on a regular basis – even if I felt it was necessary daily. It was getting a bit boring having to copy and paste all the time, and then I remembered about batch files. As some of you may know being a pensioner I am now a bit brain dead. Nevertheless I tried writing a batch file which I thought would be easy, although I now have Windows 7 Home Premium I thought with the ‘Command’ capability it wouldn’t/shouldn’t make any difference to the way of writing a batch file. I had found out that when you have a blank space in a folder description this then needs the whole of the original folder’s description to be included within quotation marks. Well I have tried with and without and many other combinations, and have got absolutely nowhere. I have called the file – simplistically I know – ‘Quickfast’ and have listed it below, which is my latest attempt, and I would be really grateful if some kind and patient person could either explain where I have gone wrong or do a re-write of it for me. I know I have only spent a few hours on this but I would really like to get this correct. Any and all help/information/advice will be very gratefully received.


XCOPY ‘C:\My Documents\Quicken Data*.* M:\ \Quicken Data XCOPY ‘C:\My Documents\Quicken Data\Backup*.* M:\ \Quicken Data\Backup

Thank you in advance for any contribution.

  Peter 15:27 17 Jan 2012


I'm not sure if any of my suggestion will help; it's been a long time since I wrote any Batch files in anger.

I think the quotes you need to use for long file names and paths should be double quotes, not single quotes, but I could be wrong. Also you need to close the quotes as well as opening them; your example appears just to open then.

You seem to have missed out the back slash before both. but I think that could just be the way this noticeboard interprets the use of asterisks (stars).

Also the final part "M:\ \Quicken Data\Backup" seems to be unnecessary.

I think the line below might be an improvement, but you will need to replace each Sun symbols (?) by a star (Shift 8).

XCOPY "C:\My Documents\Quicken Data\?.?" M:\ \Quicken Data XCOPY "C:\My Documents\Quicken Data\Backup\?.?"

I hope this help, but if not perhaps someone else with more knowledge will come to your aid.


  Eric10 20:03 17 Jan 2012

This assumes that M: is your USB Pen Drive.

xcopy "C:\My Documents\Quicken Data*.*" "M:\Quicken Data\Backup" /M /Y


the /M switch ensures that only files that have changed since last backed up are copied.

the /Y switch stops xcopy asking for confirmation to overwrite each destination file.

pause keeps the command prompt open so that you can see the results.

  Eric10 20:06 17 Jan 2012

I forgot to mention that if you put

@echo off

as the first line then it will prevent unnecessary output appearing on the screen.

  robin_x 20:47 17 Jan 2012

xcopy /? lists the syntax and switches.

Also works for any DOS command.

I find it convenient to have a Shortcut to cmd.exe on my Desktop set to Run As Administrator. I hate opening a command prompt, typing a long batch command and it failing because of wrong permissions.

(Properties/Shortcut Tab/Advanced)

  Housten 11:25 19 Jan 2012


Many thanks to you all. I apologise for not seeing all your answers yesterday but we went t0 Town to see the brilliant Leonardo exhibition. I will try all your suggestions. As a point of interest I have the Command prompt as am icon on my 'quick launch' - if that is the correct terminology - and have had through XP, Vista and now 7!

Many, many thanks everyone.

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