Problem with AOL

  auldendunn 21:26 08 Mar 2003

When I diconnect from AOL there is noise from the modem and I have to redial and abort before connection to quieten the modem.

This does not happen if I use

Any ideas?

  jimv7 00:27 09 Mar 2003

Bin aol.

  Djohn 00:53 09 Mar 2003

auldendunn, can you be a little more specific, regarding the noise you hear? Is it a dialling, or engaged tone? Or a screeching noise similar to the one you hear when dialling in to your ISP.

  Dr Lecter 02:17 09 Mar 2003

I have been using them for ages. Now on Broadband - no probs.

  auldendunn 08:45 09 Mar 2003

Not dialling or engaged tone, not connection tone.
It is fairly quiet, constant low level "crackling" a bit like white noise.

  Djohn 13:07 09 Mar 2003

I understand the noise you are describing, but can't figure out why it is with AOL and not with any other ISP.

Sorry, I can't offer any constructive advice, other than it may be a software related problem, and you can try re-installing AOL.

You will not loose any of your settings/email/address book contacts/favourites by doing this, as they are all held on the server for you.

Just place your AOL CD into your drive and do a fresh install. Choose from the options.

I already have an account on this PC, and that you wish to keep your version,and settings. Good luck, it just may cure it. J.

  auldendunn 13:17 09 Mar 2003

Thanks J
Already went through this with AOL helpline - no joy.
They suggest upgrading but I have HDD space problem so may have to just keep on disconnecting twice.

  Djohn 16:42 09 Mar 2003

auldendunn, which version of AOL are you using?

  he he :-)™ 16:55 09 Mar 2003

If aol 8.0 go to keyword beta8 and report prob

  auldendunn 17:09 09 Mar 2003

'fraid I'm still using AOL5!!!

  Djohn 17:22 09 Mar 2003

auldendunn, That may well be the problem, get hold of a copy of version 7 and install first.

This will transfer all your settings and emails over, then go into Add/remove programs and remove AOL 5. Regards. J.

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