Problem after motherboard transplant

  PhiltheFragger 21:14 28 Jul 2009

Have a 18 month old Quad pc running XP, 4 gb ram 2 x 500gb Hdd, card reader etc.
Recently all the USB ports failed and the PS2 ports too, so decided to replace the motherboard, Backed up all the data first expecting to do a clean install.

The new mobo is an asus P5Q (old one was also Asus but different chipset,)

did the transplant Ok, booted into XP no worries, loaded all the drivers off the Mobo CD.
Device manager is clear of problems.

The only problem I have is when I hit "My Computer" it takes about 2 minutes to open

once open it flies

any idea what may be making it do this.

BOTH hard drives and the DVD drive are listed in the bios and device manager, it is the same if I unplug the card reader as that counts as 4 extra drives



  PhiltheFragger 08:07 29 Jul 2009

refresh to top

  Graphicool1 08:57 29 Jul 2009

Run Checkdisk...
Click on 'My Computer'
Right click C: (your OS drive)
In menu click 'Properties'
Click the 'Tools' tab
Under 'Error Checking' click 'Check Now'
click the box next to...
'Automatically Fix File System Errors'
Click 'Start'
A notice will say it can't do it until the next time you boot. Click 'Yes' and reboot

  Graphicool1 09:05 29 Jul 2009

Click the 'Start' button
Click 'Run'
At the command promp type or copy and paste...

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

(if typing the above pay attention to spaces either side of '/i')
Press 'Enter' on the keyboard

This little code will re-register all the DLL (Direct Link Library) files.

  PhiltheFragger 09:44 29 Jul 2009

tried both

the chkdsk found some incorrectly labeled free space.
neither has worked, when you hit My computer
the My computer window opens, empty then you get a searchlite for a minute then the window populates.

it is the same in windows explorer, or if you right click a document and hit "send to"

do we have a plan C


  Graphicool1 10:56 29 Jul 2009

Open 'My computer' Click the 'Tools' tab
Click 'Folder Options'
Click 'View'
Uncheck the first checkbox which says...
'Automatically search for Network folders and printers'
Click 'OK'

  jack 11:05 29 Jul 2009

Check 'Start Group' and reduce the number of programs therein

The more items to 'Fire up'- the longer it takes.
Essentially it is best to start an 'empty' system and open programs as required that session , and more importantly close down programs that are not needed that session.
For example this machine starts with browser and e-mail client only in the start group.
Other applications are 'fired' up as and when required. and equally closed if I move on to something else[from 'Word' say to Paint Shop Pro.]

This also maximises resources available for the task in hand.
Multitasking is all very well- but its just like you or me- painting, computing, cooking all at the same time- you may indeed be able to do these things but not as well as when you concentrate your effort on one task.

  PhiltheFragger 11:52 29 Jul 2009

Thanks Graphicool tried it, but no joy

jack thanks for your input but I think you are wide of the mark

the PC starts fine, logs into the various users fine, The only problem is when you open "My Computer" and it takes a couple of minutes to list the drives.

Once the drives are listed it goes like a bat out of hell.

Do we have a Plan F?

  PhiltheFragger 12:17 29 Jul 2009

interestingly, if i go to "Control panel, Admin tools, computer management, disk management" the disks are displayed instantly.

but not in My Computer or Windows explorer


  PhiltheFragger 12:27 29 Jul 2009

Im a genius

Why didnt i just google the magic words " windows explorer slow to open my computer"

2 references to the same microsoft knowlegde base
click here

all to do with having a specific HP printer and stopping a service called "windows Image Aquisition"

now works a dream

have to see what happens when I want to use the scanner, but that is another story


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