Problem accessing download

  pollpott 12:00 14 May 2007

I downloaded software from Buffalo in order to secure the data on my recently purchased flash drive. I chose to save it rather than open it so that I would be able to choose where it was stored. It is now in a folder on my computer but there is no obvious way to get the info i need from it.Help please.

  silverous 12:05 14 May 2007

What do you mean by "info you need from it" ?

Do you mean you can't find where you saved it ?

  pollpott 12:19 14 May 2007

I can find it OK but i dont know how to make use of it. it is supposed to be a download about how to secure the data on the flash drive but all it contains is a set of files with unhelpful titles such as PU2OSYSD.SYS and MUSBNSD-notepad

  silverous 13:42 14 May 2007

When you say all it contains - I presume it is a zip file or something which contains these files?

Is there an executable in there at all e.g. setup.exe ? Or a .inf file ?

  pollpott 10:17 17 May 2007

sorry for the delay in replying. I FOUND THAT THERE WAS AN OPTION TO UNZIP FILES WHICH I DID. the only files that appeared are ones that dont help eg. setup info. various PDR, systrm and storage. when i clicked on setup all i got was stuff on notepad which meant nothing to me.any ideas?

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