Problem with 16X Super Allwrite DVD Writer EZ-DUB

  scan513 13:20 11 Nov 2006

Hi all.

I just bought a 16X Super Allwrite DVD Writer EZ-DUB today and after installing the Installation cd and connecting the drive it tells me it cannot locate the Driver for the hardware.

I went to the LITEON site looking for it only to find they only give it out for windows 98, saying I dont need it as I run windows xp home edition and it downloads automatically from the cd.

The thing is, I do need it as my computer says it doesn't have it. Does any one know where I can get it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 11 Nov 2006

In device manager - right click the drive - select update driver - Have the installation disk in the drive - point the driver wizard to the CD

  Stuartli 13:59 11 Nov 2006

The only driver needed for an optical drive is the Windows basic CDROM driver, which is installed automatically when you reboot after installation.

If you Uninstall the rewriter from Device Manager and reboot this should reinstall the driver.

The operation of the driver is controlled by your burning software.

  scan513 14:20 11 Nov 2006

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ and Stuartli,
I tried both your suggestions but no joy, when I went to device manager it just had a big yellow question mark and called it a mass storage device.

I uninstalled this rebooted but it just brought me back to the new hardware found wizard and after going through this again it said cant install hardware as it couldnt find the sofware.

Is there anything else I can do?

  Stuartli 14:27 11 Nov 2006

Is it the only optical drive?

If you already have a drive installed (a ROM drive perhaps) and both are on the Secondary IDE Channel, then you will have to configure this as the Slave using the jumper at the rear and your new rewriter as the Master (it would also be the Master if it is the only drive).

If both are configured as Master or Slave then one will not be recognised.

  scan513 14:56 11 Nov 2006


I did install a second drive a few months ago and set one as master and the other as slave but this new one is an external drive I got to back up all my files and photos that have built up over the years.

I just connected this new one to a USB port, do you think I have to take one of the other drives out for this one to work now? sorry for the seemingly stupid questions but I dont know a great deal about any of this.

  Stuartli 15:28 11 Nov 2006

Is your system enabled for USB2.0?

You can check in Device Manager where the USB controllers should have wording on the lines of Enhanced alongside.

If this is missing, check that USB2.0 is Enabled in the Bios - if not, Enable it for the number of USB ports your have available; XP includes the required drivers and will install them if they are missing.

I'm presuming in this case that the external drive doesn't have a mains adapter, but relies on USB power.

However the USB scanner and modem router I use both feature a mains adapter.

  scan513 17:24 11 Nov 2006

Thanks for your reply Stuartli,

When I went to Device manager and clicked on the USB controllers the first one said:

Standard Enhanced PCI to USB host controller

the next four said:


and the last 3 say:

VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller

To be honest I dont know if this means it is enabled for USB2.0 or not and the external drive does have a mains adapter as well as pluging it into the usb port.

If you still think I need to go into the BIOS can you tell me how?

  Stuartli 18:43 11 Nov 2006

Yes it is Enabled for USB2.0.

To check the number of USB ports enabled in the Bios you will (usually) have to press Delete at bootup; however you can check this on the first or second screen that appears which will indicate how to get into Setup (i.e. the Bios).

  Stuartli 18:44 11 Nov 2006

This, of course, is relying on the method used for my motherboard's AMI Bios...:-)

  scan513 19:05 11 Nov 2006

Ok, Thanks will try that.

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