Probelms using NTL broadband - pls help!

  davidwilliams85 10:35 27 Oct 2006

Our student house has 4mb ntl broadband.

Firstly and more annoyingly, websites take a very long time to load, almost like modem speeds at times, which i find weird because the downloading of files isnt too painful. Also some sites just come back with not being able to be found, such as and click here. Also within sites it will only let you get so far and then not let you go any pages further, coming up with site not found messages. For example click here will let you go as far in with downloading until the download now page when it says the site cant be found.

Secondly, and less importantly, it is not exceptionally quick on downloads, never seen it rise above 100kbps and generally stays at about 30. Is this likely to be because we live in a student house with 7 computers all using the same connection??

I have tried checking firewall settings but havnt managed to solve anything.
I use zone alarm, peer gurdian 2, avg free edition and firfox whilst using the internet.
I have also looked at the router settings, which is an edimax, and cannot see anything there that may be the culprit.

Any help would be very much appreciated

  mgmcc 11:52 27 Oct 2006

I think my first line of attack would be to connect a single PC to the Cable Modem's ethernet port and see what sort of performance you get with that.

If that works well, reconnect the router to the Cable Modem and then connect the *single* PC to the router and again gauge its performance.

If again that works well, try connecting each of the seven computers in turn to see if one of them doesn't perform well. A "problem" computer might be having an effect on the network as a whole.

You haven't said how you are actually connecting the seven computers because most routers have only a four-port network switch built in. If you are connecting "wirelessly" with seven computers, the 54Mbps bandwidth (which in practice will be nearer 30Mbps) will be *shared* between the connections, each computer will not have use of the full bandwidth.

  Danoh 12:09 27 Oct 2006

following on from mgcc's sound comments.

My home network is also 4Mb NTL with only 4 computers connected, 3 wirelessly.

1) Web site access issues; I have had the issues you describe on the wired desktop and its always been down to peer-to-peer multiple downloads by one or both of my two sons on other wireless connected computers (pre-N MIMO max 108, real probably 40-50Mbps total shared throughput).

2) Download speeds; actual speeds I've noted varies a lot depending on the download site from the wired desktop. Even then I don't actually get 4Mb, the best being 400-500 kbps from MS downloads.
NTL has said it's down to wireless routers & I would get better with a single direct connection to the cable modem, as mgcc has suggested. I have yet to try this out, so your own test will give you more info then I can provide right now. For that you will need to install NTL's cable modem driver ~ I do this be manually navigating to the right folder on the NTL installation CD rather then allow NTL's auto-installation pgm to do it for me and install all sorts of unnecessary stuff.

  davidwilliams85 17:17 27 Oct 2006


Im not certain of what term to use in how the computers are connceted so i'll describe what there is!
In each of the bedrooms (looks like a normal phone point) a cable which plugs into our computers. But no one uses a wireless connection.
In the area under the stairs where everything is we have an edimax router and a d-link 10/100 fast ethernet switch. Dont know if that makes sense?? All of the above was here when we moved in from the people before us and NTL only came to connect everything last thursday.

Will try and connect single computers later, the main problem with that is where our router is - in a very small space under a second flight of stairs so will be fiddly.

Thanks again, any help really is appreciated

  Danoh 17:50 27 Oct 2006

Looks like you have a completely wired network, which is better then wireless for data throughput capability.
As my sons' wireless connection demands will probably have less impact then your pure-wired setup, I still suspect that your Web page browsing issue might coincide with a housemate's downloading activities at the same time.

Do let us know how your direct connection compares. If I get the chance to try mine out, I'll post my findings as well.

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