Probelms setting up router

  spex75 19:12 02 Jun 2007

Probelms setting up my routers. I have a 2Wire adsl router. I've configured it correctly with the right ISP details etc. I've checked the Router and PC are talking to each other and that checks out fine, but when I try to get the router to connect to the internet its coming up

What am I missing????

  Dipso 21:49 02 Jun 2007

Are you sure the connection is working? Do you have other hardware that you can test it with?

  STREETWORK 22:35 02 Jun 2007

Could it be that your line has not been upgraded for broadband...

  postie24 10:15 03 Jun 2007

Are you using a cable connection for your internet?If yes,you nedd a DSL router,not an ADSL one

  spex75 13:30 03 Jun 2007

Yeah, everything checks out.

I have the line up and running just now on an ADSL router, working fine. I've taken that out and wired up and new router, these are the steps I have gone through with the new router;
1 Wired up correctly
2 IPCONFIG - Cleared old IP address
3 IPCONGIF - Renewed IP address for new router
5 Made sure auto DHCP and DNS selections were on
6 Configured the router with the broadband connection details


I've even tried to spoof the MAC of the hardware in case my ISP only allows the hardware they supply.

I've tried this with two different routers
2Wire 2700HG-B and
Belkin/MicraDigital F5D7630

I'm sure I'm just overlooking something simple, but I can't for the life of me work out what it is :S

  Dipso 22:14 03 Jun 2007

The 2wires available in the UK are usually locked to BT. Have you unlocked it for use with your ISP? Are all the lights green that should be.

Sorry can't help more but I bought a 2wire 2700hg last week but am still waiting delivery. Maybe I can advisse further when I get mine.

  spex75 14:03 04 Jun 2007

I'll describe everything I did and the setup (sorry if it goes on a bit :S) but it may help me pin down what I'm doing wrong (and may help other people!)

My current set up is a 2Wire 2700HGV Router connected to a BT ADSL line. I replaced this with a 2WireHG-B and then went into command console and typed in

I then closed CMD console and went to LAN settings and ensured that the connection was DHCP and DNS settings were detected automatically.

Restarted the PC. The PC established a connection with the router straight away which I verified by pinging the routers IP address in CMD console. This checked out fine. I then logged into the routers configuration page and entered all the details needed for it to connect (this included using the MAC from the first router in case BT had locked the line for that MAC) Everything checked out fine, but I was still unable to make a connection to the internet (DSL light RED)

Thinking it may have been a faulty router I then changed it for a Belkin/Micradigital Router (Brand new - just out the box!)

I followed all the same steps - including spoofing the MAC. Same result, no connection to the interent (although this did show up the DSL light as connected as did the configuration pages)

Unplugged everything and went back to the original router - everything worked fine!

Any ideas?

  Dipso 11:06 05 Jun 2007

Are you still having problems with this? Did you try it without spoofing the MAC. I set mine up last night, it's the same a HG-B, I tried to set up the connection manually, spoofing the MAC but it wouldn't assign an IP so I used the wizard and the advanced set up which worked OK.

Can I ask why you replaced the HG-V with the HG-B?

  spex75 13:45 05 Jun 2007

Still having probelms with it :S

I did try it without spoofing the MAC. I ran the wizard and then set up in advanced settings when that wouldn't work. All the settings were exactly the same from my present router to the other one.

I'm actually trying to help out a mate and he has the HG-B. I have the HG-V, its set up just now working fine.

I would have thought it was the router that was at fault had I not gone out and gotten another one and tried it - with the same results :S

I'm lost now

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