Probably a very silly question

  jonnytub 16:54 20 Jan 2004

Hi guys and gals, I was wondering if it was possible to install windows 98se on a small partition and xp pro on the remainder of a 15 gb laptop hdd whilst both os being able to see each others files. The reason I ask is that i have an iomega zipcd 650 usb cd-rw drive which always goes beserk under xp. I have tried almost everything under the sun to get it to run smoothly but nothing works. 98se is the drives native os, however i prefer xp for my network. I have trawled the net for answers to my drive problems however it seems to be a common problem that iomega just arent bothered about, judging by the response some customers have had from them. Thanking all in anticipation.

  Colditz 17:02 20 Jan 2004

yes providing you patition the hard drive and make sure you keep them both fat32(dual boot)

  Chegs ® 17:03 20 Jan 2004

Yes,there are many threads in PCA that describe in detail howto create a dual-boot of XP and 98se,ME/Linux,etc.

  BillEmm 17:28 20 Jan 2004

You do have WinXP SP1 installed and checked the MS Knowledgebase for answers?

Iomega, rightly or wrongly, are assuming that MS have generic drivers available for your device and if so then MS may have some answers.

Just a thought.


  jonnytub 17:37 20 Jan 2004

but just to double check win 98 se will be able to view mp3 files i have downloaded and saved in xp ? right ?

  jonnytub 17:38 20 Jan 2004

Ms knowledge base was the first plave i looked after iomega

  jonnytub 17:39 20 Jan 2004

That should be Place

  joethebow 18:26 20 Jan 2004

Provided both particians are formatted as Fat 32. Each operating system will be able to see files on the other. Just don't expect programmes installed in one to work with the other. i.e. If you have MSWord installed in XP you will not be able to run it when 98 is in use. However if you have MSWord installed in both operating syatems then each will be able to see the others files.

The important thing is that Both discs must be formatted as Fat 32.

  jonnytub 18:57 20 Jan 2004


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