Prob with wireless card

  Possumwee 17:59 26 Sep 2007

Hi guys i got me new pc today and installed everything. installed my wireless card but net wont work.

The card pics up theres a wireless connection and when it asks for the password i put it in, but it just doesnt connect. i get no strength signal either but it does pick up the network.

Anyone know why?

Thanks in advance


  Possumwee 19:36 26 Sep 2007

Still cant get it working :( anyone got any ideas?

  Ashrich 20:58 26 Sep 2007

What sort of PC and what type of wireless network card do you have ? How far away are you from the router ? What type of wireless encryption are you using ?


  Possumwee 21:01 26 Sep 2007

thanks for reply

Windows xp pc

Bt voyager wireless card

Close enough for signal as other comps with wireless are farther


Also i have managed to get a signal now, but still cannot connect to the net, and doing ipconfig in cmd doesnt come up with the reuters ip

  Ashrich 22:56 26 Sep 2007

I assume this is a PCI card with an antenna on it at the back of the PC , they don't always pick up the best of signals as they can have interference from the PC itself , also they are shielded by being at the back . Is the card actually connecting to the router , what does it say when you hover the mouse over the single monitor icon on the taskbar ? Are you typing in the correct password , it's easily done to get the spelling or hex wrong ( hexadecimal letters A to F , numbers 0 to 9 ) . If your router ( and other PC's ) are on 802.11g ( 54Mb/s ) make sure that your new card is on the same , you can change the router via it's set up pages to run 54g only if all the other PC's support it and then change the new card to run that as well ( 54g only , no 11b ) , you can do that from the adapters settings in device manager , that would make a difference to range and throughput .Another thing to try is to temporarily turn the wireless encryption off and try connecting that way , if it is successful then you can re-set the WEP and maybe try a different key to see if that helps .


  Ashrich 22:59 26 Sep 2007

Another thought , make sure that the new card is on the same channel as the router , if you let Windows manage the connection that will happen automatically , otherwise if you are using the utility that came with the card you can enter it into that instead .


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