Prob not fixed..... :-(

  fourjays 15:11 17 Sep 2004

I went and got my new stick of memory, but the prob still exists. But I have troubleshooted it by swicthing the sticks around quite a bit.

The problem only occurs when the computer is auto-rebooted by itself for any reason (by windows, or the BIOS), with both sticks of memory in. If either stick is in on its own, in either DIMM, it works fine. Also with both sticks in, the computer generally seems to go nuts. The MSI, Core Centre program crashes almost everytime it loads, and other program have trouble to keep going.

The problem (for those that didn't help me on my last post about this):
When it reboots, it will lock on a blank screen, with no VGA signal to the monitor. By checking the POST troublshooter PCI Card in the back it says that the POST tests failed the memory. If I turn the machine right off and on again, it will boot, but I experience probs running programs.
I have all of my drivers, WinXP and BIOS 100% up-to-date.

Please help me solve whats wrong. I have sent a help request to MSI, but they still haven't responded.

  Noleg24 15:28 17 Sep 2004

sounds like you're in big trouble here havent really specifially stated what exactly is causing the problem? Now you mention VGA so maybe try changing the graphics card? If not I would get rid of one the sticks of memory you have cos maybe thy are conflicting with each other as you did say they work fine on their own and not together...but more info needed please...and I may be able to help you more.

  fourjays 15:35 17 Sep 2004

It definetely does not seem to be the VGA. It just won't show as the memory test is done before the VGA test during the POST (it has a list of the post light sequences and what its testing, what order and what it does if it fails).

The only other info I can really give is that one stick is PNY (the new one), the other is PCWorld Component Centre. Both are the exact same type (PC2700, DDR 333 512Mb).

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

  Noleg24 16:34 17 Sep 2004

I see you have an MSI motherboard...have you changed this with another MSI board or something else?

  fourjays 16:42 17 Sep 2004

Im not to sure what you mean.....

I haven't changed the mainboard for anything. I have had the board since Feburary. It is a MSI 848P Neo-S. I wanted to add the extra memory to make it perform better on games that are requesting 512Mb Min.

All logical thinking has gone out the window. I really have no clue as to what I can try next. lol.

  Noleg24 17:51 17 Sep 2004

what I mean is try another motherboard...maybe something from the new memory has caused another problem to the one you had never know what it could be but in my experience its best to go thru every piece of hardware you have and check them one at a time.

  Rayuk 18:15 17 Sep 2004

Are the 2 sticks different manufacturers?some motherboards are pickier than others in using different branded ram together

  Rayuk 18:20 17 Sep 2004

Sorry should have read the thread properly,if as you say it runs ok with 1 or the other stick of ram it can only be their compatability with each other that is the problem
Only other thing I can think of try running 1 stick in the 2nd memory slot on its own,to make sure its not the slot on the mothertboard thats at fault

  fourjays 18:26 17 Sep 2004

Ive troubleshooted a fault on the mainboard or memory out, as I tried both sticks in both DIMM slots, and on their own in each DIMM slot. eg: Stick 1 in DIMM 1 & 2 / Stick 2 in DIMM 1 & 2

Therefore I think I have eliminated a faulty DIMM on the m/board.The problem only occurs when both sticks are in together, in either DIMM slot.

I think that the original stick of memory is Kingston.... Im not sure though. The other is definetely PNY though. But on their own, the m/board has no grumble with either, so it rules out a stick being incompatible.

  Rayuk 18:32 17 Sep 2004

No I think you are missing the point,the 2 sticks are incompatible with each other, not on there own.
Not all memory is the same,they can be different ie Cl2 or Cl3 and use different timings.which can then cause problems.

  Noleg24 18:36 17 Sep 2004

I think Rayuk has hit the nail on the head with that one fourjays. altho both memory are PC2700 their voltage may be different hence CL2=2.5V and CL3=3.3V (I think thats right but qoute me if I am wrong someone) but Rayuk is right in saying that..blimey why didnt I think of that? anyway hope that helps mate.

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