prob burning cds and getting the files in an order

  yvie 16:02 23 Apr 2007

Hi there

I have started to learn how to transfer my camcorder tapes onto the probs there (well...not many :/ ) but when I write them to a cd they dont transfer in the order I want them.(basically date order for posterity!)
I have tried doing them one at a time, and in a block, but still when I play it back, the files are all over the place.

I put them all on my hard drive in order (even with titles etc.....very proud of myself ) and by burning them one at a time surely they should just slowly build up the cd?

I am using xp home.

I have just wiped the cd and started again. The first 2 seemed to stay in order but as soon as I added another file, that one played first then the other 2 swapped! I did wonder if it was saving them the other way round but its def just jumbling them up.
Not sure how it can do that but any advice would be appreciated
Many thanks

  Ex plorer 16:28 23 Apr 2007

Hi my son has this problem when storing holiday photos.
I will keep an eye on this thread and hope someone comes up with the solution or we we find out how in the meantime and let you know, if you do find out post back here as it will be useful for others.

  Ex plorer 16:38 23 Apr 2007
  Zaphod 3 17:11 23 Apr 2007

One dodge we use at work is to sequentially number the files.

Starting at 01,02,03 etc. The preceding zeroes are needed to stop file 2 appearing with the twenties, 3 appearing with the thirties and so on. If you have more than 100 files you would have to make files one to ten read 001, 002 and so on. Then files 10 to 99 read; 010,011,012 and so on.

As you have saved these already. Your files could just be renamed, e.g 01 21-04-2007; 02 22-04-2007; 03 23-04-2007, or just rename them 01,02,03 as stated above.

  yvie 17:21 23 Apr 2007

Hi again
Many thanks to you both I will try that


  Zaphod 3 17:29 23 Apr 2007

One thing to be careful of is do not change the extension, i.e. the bit after the dot. E.G. *.pdf, *.jpg.

  yvie 18:46 23 Apr 2007

too late, I forgot to put the extension in the re-name. on a positive note it burned them all in order.....but of course I cant play them. Just hope I can rename them again with the extension

  Zaphod 3 21:02 24 Apr 2007

Did it work out ok in the end?

  yvie 21:58 24 Apr 2007

Hi there

No not yet, I had to leave it for a couple of days. I was just making silly mistakes. THe files are ok, I just renamed them again using the right extension thank goodness, I couldnt face transferring them all again!, but copying them needs to wait a bit : (

I will post again when I have another try in a day or so.
Very many thanks for the help. Im sure it will work, its me that doesnt! : )


  yvie 21:11 01 May 2007

Hi all

Well the re-naming worked, and I have transferred some of the files to cd ready to take to my brothers to transfer to dvd, but thats as far as its got as I am having a prob with my cd RW drive (see new post)

On a positive note the ones that I have transferred to cd so far have stayed in order so its looking good!

Many thanks again

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