Pro b decryptin Encrypted EZC file

  gazmix 06:53 17 Jan 2011

I got about 380 WMV MPEG files on a USB stick! I encrypted them succesfully.

When i try to open them via the secretZip-v1.05, it only opens about 90
stumbling on many saying:-

'Error writing to the specific file, continue or cancel'

If i carry on, it just goes the next one & says 'Error' again!

Is there any specific way i successfully decrypt all the files!

  GaT7 13:43 17 Jan 2011

Any help at all in the User Manual click here? G

Btw, how did you manage to solve a similar(?) problem 17 months ago click here?

I would dump what looks like buggy software & use something like TrueCrypt click here instead. Been using it for several years now with no problems at all.

Once you create a password-protected encrypted container, it's just a matter of copying & pasting your files into it, then closing it. When you need to access the container, mount it, enter a password & you're in again (just don't lose the password!). What's more, it's instantaneous. Beginner's tutorial with screenshots click here. Any problems, just ask. G

  gazmix 19:09 18 Jan 2011

it just ended up working & encrypted all outa the blue!!

i decrypted many times, all 385 files & the one day recent, it only decrypted 93!!

managed to just unzip the file without the secret zip!!

  GaT7 19:10 18 Jan 2011

More reason to get something professional that works - like TrueCrypt. G

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