Private Messages

  mattzoomer 18:26 26 Jun 2004

How do I send someone a private message to someone in the PC Advisor Web site? Looked everywhere can't find it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:30 26 Jun 2004

yellow envelope next to their name ;-))


  spuds 19:05 26 Jun 2004

Unless you want to contact the forum editor, then use 'Contact the Forum Editor'in the side panel (;o))

  VoG II 19:10 26 Jun 2004

And P L E A S E only use the facility for private messages, not as a response to suggestions made on the forum.

Not a dig at you, mattzoomer, but I (and others) get inundated with e-mails...

  Dorsai 19:22 26 Jun 2004

i thougt that the 'yellow' envelope' was for private if i wanted Vog to have my home address (so he could send me a part) i could send it to him without making my home address public knowledge....would never e-mail a user just to ask 'how do I.......'

  VoG II 19:31 26 Jun 2004

Yes but they do. Mostly once you've asked a question like "Which version of Windows?" - they e-mail instead od posting on the forum. Occasionally they just single me out and ask a totally unrelated question.

In your case, being a good problem solver, if you stick around you'll find out sooner or later :o)

The most annoying aspect of this is that they send an e-mail via the yellow envelope which goes to my home e-mail address. I do not pick this up until I get home from work. They could have saved a wait of several hours (or days if I am on my travels).

  .HTML 19:44 26 Jun 2004

Well, why dont we have an IRC serever up in here.
It would be alot simpler, and you could also PM people from there.
Just a suggestion

  mattzoomer 00:09 27 Jun 2004

Thanks for all the responses.

  Nellie2 00:15 27 Jun 2004

I did that once... emailed someone who was helping me.. when I was new to the forum. It was a genuine mistake however because I didn't know how to use the forum properly and I thought I was replying to the thread.

Luckily for me the person concerned replied and pointed out very nicely what I had done and asked if I could post in the forum!!!!

  end 00:47 27 Jun 2004

and what is an IRC when it is at home?????

and Nellie2; the fun with the envelope system is that when you DO get one you can think it is a spam message and chuck it in the bin. OR, wrack your brains to wonder just WHO you have offended and HOW, adn what you may need to do to repair the damage ; or what question you are being asked that you actually have not got a CLUE about and wondner why YOU have been "chosen" to answer it......

  powerless 01:04 27 Jun 2004

I thought PCA were actually looking into this?

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