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  Green Eyes 16:32 03 Dec 2006


I have a PC which is used by other flat-mates from time to time. As I am the owner of the PC I want to install and run some privacy software to remove all traces of any "dodgy" images, files, websites etc that may have been present.

From searching the net it seems there is software out there which will do this (and it needs to ovewrwrite data at least six times to remove all trace?).

Has anybody got any experience or advice to offer regarding software whhich will remove all traces of files, websites etc - and is there any free software out there which would do this?

Many thanks!

  mike1967 16:36 03 Dec 2006

Do you want to remove all traces of dodgy stuff they might download or do you want to make sure you get no viruses etc

  Diodorus Siculus 16:36 03 Dec 2006

CCleaner has a secure option if you are concerned - it's in the options. click here

  mike1967 16:39 03 Dec 2006

this download incldes a shredder which can overwrite up to 10 times and its free
click here?

  Green Eyes 19:43 03 Dec 2006

Thanks for the info - it is stuff that might be downlaoded or viewed via the web that I am concerned about. Will investigate the links guys thanks. Do they remove files, pictures and website links? (Sorry I am not very technical!).

  Kingfisher 20:18 03 Dec 2006

click here I use webroot window washer it is an excellent program and will do all that you have requested click on link for free trial

  Diodorus Siculus 20:40 03 Dec 2006

CCleaner will remove all traces of internet activity sufficient for any regular user; if you choose the more secure option it is slower and in my opinion overkill but will do what you want. And it is free. There is no need to pay for such software.

  johnem 20:57 03 Dec 2006

CCleaner works great, just follow the instructions carefully to select the files that you wish to remove completely. There have been a few mentions on this forum of minor problems if you are using IE7 and CCleaner.

  Green Eyes 20:13 05 Dec 2006

Have checked out CCleaner and whereas it does securely delete (7 overwrites) files it doesn't do this for index.dat files which I understand hold much of the information in the temporary internet files.

Does anyone know of a (hopefully free) product that securely deletes index.dat files as well?


  Diodorus Siculus 20:25 05 Dec 2006

Get eraser from click here and use its scheduler to do it.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:26 05 Dec 2006

By the way, you are going over the top somewhat I think... the ISPs keep records of what is being visited anyway and the IP address of the visitor.

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