printing via xp and vista

  gippingman 21:05 20 Sep 2007

I currently have a PC and 2 laptops running XP on a wireless network. The HP PSC 2110 all in one is currently connected via USB to the PC and the XP laptops can print wirelessly to the 2110 when the PC is on. However, I now have a Vista Home Premium laptop. Is it possible to add the Vista laptop to the print network without ruining the XP machines printing. According to HP website the vista driver is already held within Vista but whether I install directly from the Vista laptop or download the Vista driver to the laptop, I do not want to ruin the existing setup - advice please

  mgmcc 21:40 20 Sep 2007

There is no reason why installing the printer as a "Network Printer" in Vista should have any effect on the other PCs' printer configurations.

However getting the printer installed in Vista can be problematical. Follow these instructions:

In the Vista "client" PC, launch the "Add a Printer" wizard and select the "Add a local printer" option. This automatically opens a new dialog box in which to select the Port.

Click the "Create a new port" radio button and leave the drop-down menu options on the default of "Local Port". Click Next.

A small box opens in which to enter the Port Name. Type in the path to the "shared" printer in the host PC using the format \\computername\sharename.

Select the Printer driver from the list provided, which should include the driver

  gippingman 18:17 21 Sep 2007

not sure if i understand! - as I understand it, my client (main??) pc is the home pc which is xp. the additional laptop is a vista machine. does the port part of this still apply as the vista laptop will not be directly linked to the printer but will be wireless as per the other xp laptops?

  mgmcc 21:00 21 Sep 2007

<<<< as I understand it, my client (main??) pc is the home pc which is xp.>>>>

No, as far as network printing is concerned, your main XP PC is the "Host" PC because that is the one to which the printer is physically connected. The Vista laptop, which is accessing the printer over the network, is a "Client" PC of the one which is hosting the printer.

The instructions I posted above are how you need to set up the Vista laptop in order to be able to install the printer (which is connected to the XP PC) as a "Network Printer".

  gippingman 22:43 21 Sep 2007

thanks - I will try out asap

  PCPilot48 13:49 19 Nov 2007

Excellent (mgmcc) thos instructions worked perfectly! I had just attached a new Vista pc to my XP network with a selection of locally attached printers and couldn't print at all.

So, why does one have to configure it the way you suggested.


  tjohnw1 04:46 19 Mar 2008

This doesn't help you, but could you tell me how to setup my hp 2110 to print wireless on my xp network from my laptop?

  gippingman 20:18 19 Mar 2008

I forget now how I did it but in case you do not know, once it is working you need to have your pc (assuming your pc is connected by usb cable to the 2110) switched on as this acts as a "server" for the printer

  techclueless 19:41 25 Mar 2008

I am also trying to connect a hp2110 wireless to laptop. In mgmcc reply to gippingman you give instructions how to do this through "host" pc. I am able to get as far as "Create a new port", but do not know port name. What is, or where do I find computer name and sharename? I am using a Dell 8200 XP as "host", Vista laptop as "client" so is the computer name PSC 8200?

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