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  TonyV 11:44 14 Oct 2011

I have, today, tried to print an e mail from my Solicitor. WLM steadfastly refuses to print or even recognise that I have asked it to print. I have been back to them and asked if they have a block on printing their messages and they assure me they do not. Every other e mail message I get prints fine. Click on Print and then select what you want to do and away it goes. So why would one particular sender's messages refuse to print?

W7 Home Premium. WLM.



  Woolwell 12:10 14 Oct 2011

Have you tried highlighting the text and then print - selected text.

  TonyV 12:54 14 Oct 2011


I have tried that and it still does not recognise that I have clicked to print so that I can pick up that I want to print the selection.

It is only the messages from this sender, everything else works fine!


  northumbria61 13:06 14 Oct 2011

Try copy & paste to Word or Notepad and Print it.

  TonyV 13:20 14 Oct 2011


That works, but I can't be bothered C & P/ing to get a copy of their messages. I should just like to know what I have to do to print them from within WLM as I do on every other message.



  catpwss 19:20 14 Oct 2011

Printing emails fails Reg cure to be pasted into run.

Copy & paste this into run box

Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll

good luck.

  TonyV 19:48 14 Oct 2011


Not quite sure what that will do. Is it doing something within the registry that works with Windows Drivers? I have the HP drivers on this machine. What I don't understand is why it is only the two emails I have had from this particular sender. They assure me there is no lock on it from their end, yet it will not even recognise that I am trying to print. All other emails will print without any hold up or bother at all!!



  TonyV 19:49 14 Oct 2011


PS. I have a 64bit machine as well!


  Woolwell 19:56 14 Oct 2011

What format are the e-mails in? html or plain text and do they have any attachments eg scanned by their virus?

  TonyV 20:07 14 Oct 2011


No idea what format the message is in and there is no attachment. There is something that says view Slide Show, which is something that looks like icons showing what the Solicitors cover. They also say that "The recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses. as they do not accept responsibility etc,etc." They got over the problem by attaching a Word version of the detail they had e mailed me.


  Woolwell 21:16 14 Oct 2011

Format is almost certainly html. Without seeing the e-mail I'm not sure why it will not print. It's probably a format problem and it would be interesting to know if anyone else can print their e-mails using Live Mail.

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