Printing via WiFi network unreliable..ideas please

  TrustNoone 11:41 17 May 2004

Belkin 54g modem/router
Belkin PCI card - HP Pavilion PC XPHome SP1
OEM 54g on Wife's HP laptop - XPHome SP1

"perfect" internet connection behind Norton Internet Security.

HP 5150 deskjet printer connected to PC.

We have printed from laptop a couple of times, but cannot do so 100% of the time. Coupled with this is failure of PC to "see" laptop shared folder(s) and vice-versa.

We have tried various configuration of network connection (Windows firewall on/off and the other advanced settings).

Why can't the 2 machines "see" each other via the router or even P2P?

  AndySD 11:47 17 May 2004

Have you configured Nortons Intenet Security firewall for Networking?

  TrustNoone 11:51 17 May 2004

NIS for networking? I think so! I am going away to find out. Although, we have changed nothing recently yet the 2 machines do not talk to each other. The NIS settings are the same on both machines.

  TrustNoone 11:55 17 May 2004

I found this Knowledge Base article: click here

I will try it out tonight.

  AndySD 11:56 17 May 2004
  AndySD 11:56 17 May 2004


  TrustNoone 16:09 19 May 2004

Well, followed NIS article - laptop can see PC now (and print). But the PC cannot see laptop. What next?

  AndySD 17:59 19 May 2004

Does your wife log in using a password on the laptop..... but you dont use a password on the PC?

  TrustNoone 18:40 24 May 2004

Indeed that is the case - although I thought if she gave "permission" for the shared folder to be seen by anyone it would be OK. This does seem to be the case from time to time, but is not predictable.

Is there a solution to this?

  AndySD 19:19 24 May 2004

Try setting a password on yourr pc to log on.

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