Printing from Webpages

  geedad 12:56 06 Feb 2012

Printing directly from Web pages I find that the printed output is a very small font. I have overcome this by copying the article then pasting in Notepad, where I can increase the size, but I would prefer to do this straight from the web pages. Anyone help, please? geedad

  Terry Brown 15:13 06 Feb 2012

From your search engine type in BO.LT

This will enable you to copy a web page, select the parts you want and copy them to your word processor or webpage.


  Woolwell 15:17 06 Feb 2012

It would help if you told us which browser you are using.

For Internet Explorer this may help Printing webpages FAQs

  geedad 19:47 06 Feb 2012

Terry Brown. Thanks, I will try that.

Woolwell.Internet Explorer, and thank you for your help.


  Woolwell 20:01 06 Feb 2012

If you want to print correctly from Internet Explorer without copying and pasting then I suggest that you follow the instructions in my link.

  jellyhead 21:24 06 Feb 2012

If you have a canon and use IE you could try this Canon Easy Web Print

  jellyhead 21:49 06 Feb 2012

Also another version can be downloaded from their website vie the software

  jellyhead 21:50 06 Feb 2012

Sorry lets try that again enter link description here

  geedad 21:23 10 Feb 2012

Woolwell I have tried your suggestion in your link, and many thanks for that - it's just what I needed. Sorry about the delay - I don't think REPLIES to my post are getting through to my email, and I have just read your comments - hence the delay. Thanks again.


  geedad 21:26 10 Feb 2012

jellyhead Thanks for your replies, but I have Epson printers (used nothing else!)

See my reply to Woolwell.


  frybluff 21:34 10 Feb 2012

The one thing I've had problems printing is Google maps. For some reason, I always seem to get an error message like "printer not found". I don't know if it's a compatability/format issue?

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